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Are multiple gigs necessary for VO artists?


I am relatively new here and after creating my profile, I created a gig, which tells about my VO skills and how I can help people with my voice.

I have had moderate success, in the month I have been here, but in other topics of this forum I have noticed that people recommend creating multiple gigs for different things you do, to increase your visibility and chances of getting an order.

So my question is, as a VO artist, how advisable it is to have multiple gigs? And what can I split those gigs by? Should I create different gigs for different genres like, one for IVR, other for ads etc? Or different gigs for different languages? Or a combination of multiple things?


That depends. Do you seek to offer one overall service for all VO needs, or do you have separated themed VO services that might work well as separate gigs?

There is no single correct answer to your question. It all depends upon how you choose to present your services, so long as you presentation choices fit within Fiverr’s TOS rules.


To be frank, that is what I think I offer.
But it seems having multiple gigs increases your visibility and hence your chances of getting more jobs?
Is that so or have I misunderstood discussions here?

It might. But you’ll also find posts from people who say they observed that if they have more than one gig within a category, only one of them gets a good ranking.
Also, if you only have one gig, you’ll sooner have a higher amount of reviews on that gig than if the reviews are spread out over several gigs.

There are people who do very well with just one gig, so it’s not necessary. But it could increase your “presence” and “visibility”, sure.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. A good solution is to have one main general gig, and experiment with a couple of different gigs for more specific offerings.
What you need to keep in mind is that it’s not permitted to publish “duplicate gigs”, they really must be different from one another, but else, let your imagination roam and look at the boxes you can tick while creating a gig, maybe you can come up with something really or more unique (at least for a time, people do copy :wink: ).


That’s not always the case. If you create two gigs that offer the same service without properly differentiating them, the two might end up competing for ranking which will eventually be counterproductive. If you cannot properly differentiate the different gigs, you are better of publishing one gig with a number of gig extras. But if you can properly differentiate the services offered in different gigs and use different keywords for each, then creating multiple gigs would help you get more traffic.

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Thank you so much miiila. I guess this is what I wanted to understand that there is no definite yes or not answer.
You just try out a few things.
And yes I might create multiple gigs, but would not do them only for visibility rather because they are unique and different to eachother.
Thanks for sharing that :+1:

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Thanks for clarifying that ronhi85. And I guess this is the kind of information I was after. I wanted to understand the real need for having multiple gigs as compared to 1 gig with several extra (because they all ultimately tie to the same service).
I now have much better understanding. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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