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Are my designs more of logo style or banner style?

Hi, I’m a new Fiverr user, and I could use some friendly input and advice on my designs. I’m wanting to know if my designs are more like logos or banners? Or if they could be used for both?
Much Thanks,
Andorith :slight_smile:

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Superb work and keep it up.

It is like a logo on banner.

Thanks for the feed back all. I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough yet to sell my work, and this helps me get a better understanding of my work and what others think. If you guys have any other suggestions to improve my work, I will gladly listen.
Thanks again. :smiley:

Another Question I have is would adding a video help me make my first gig sale or not? Did it help you, and if so why? Thanks again. :slight_smile: