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Are my gig descriptions correct?


Good day, my seniors. As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m newly introduced to fiverr and it seems like I have a very little knowledge about it.

I do not know exactlt what to place under my gig descriptions but here is my profile :

I have edited the descriptions except for the web design and I hope I did it correctly?

Thank you for your warm assistance.


I see a future TRS…


Hahaha why thak you! You flatter me Sir. I’m way far from it.


The descriptions look correct and the designs are great - very talented. I would suggest more information, particularly on your profile page. The more (relevant) information you give people then the better they can decide if they will buy from you.


Thank you so much, Sir! You are as well a very talented writer. However, I’m still working on my profile too. I’m still formatting how to make it sound more professional.