Are my Gigs good enough or do I need to improve?


I just want to know if my gigs are good or need improvement.


Hello @millulri !

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I am @bhavyamehta and I’ve seen your profile as above mentioned.

after analyzing the above two gigs I have come to following conclusions that I want to share with you.

    1–> Make some description more elaborate. This will make the buyer who reach to your gig can understand what can you do, How imaginative you are, How can you portrait various emotions of bust shots, etc.
    2–> You don’t need to tell that you might be late. It makes negative impression on buyer. If you be late then message your buyer that you might be late Or take order with efficient timeline.


1–> Need more attention to description. As I’ve said before, You need to show up what you can do, not what you need for your gigs. It will be also asked when buyer message you for order.

2–> Add some more examples of your creation in your gig portfolio, so buyer understand you have skills to do this, Make your gig price competitive, search for another same gig provider and analyze their profile.

else, Everything I knew is good.

if you like the analysis then please do like or share or if not then please reply me here @bhavyamehta.

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Thank you for your feedback!!
I go and fix that.
Thanks again!^^