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Are my gigs in demand?

I need to know if i am offering gigs that are in demand? i am seeing where the gigs i posted are being looked at, however no orders yet.

If buyers are hiring a freelancer, than that freelancer and his/her services are in demand. If no one is hiring that freelancer and his/her services, than that seller is not in demand. If you want to be “in demand”, find the buyers who need your services, and convince them to hire you.

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thanks for your reply appreciate it very much.

If the gigs are being looked at but not ordered you could see if there is anything you could improve in the gigs to improve the chance of orders. eg. updating any gig/package descriptions that could be improved.

eg. the video for the “do survey questions for your social media content” gig is good but it doesn’t mention or show anything about survey questions / social media or your gig.


thanks for your response

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