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Are my gigs OK?

I’m new to Fiverr, so I might be missing things that are obvious to you.

Before you post links to SEO optimization or any other post listing tips for sellers, let me say I’ve already read them over and over, even outside of Fiverr.

I have created 2 gigs already, trying to explain everything in the “lowest most common denominator”, which is short to say I did avoid using technical slang wherever possible.

Still, since I’m doubtful about just everything, from a customer perspective, do you see any flaws in my gigs? Should I improve something?

Reply to @sincere18: I appreciate your insights and will fix my gigs.

Not to be that guy, but not checking for a picture size requirements has nothing to do with technical stuff, seriously.

If it actually was something for a website I’d employ auto resizing and responsive layout. As a technical guy I expected other technical guys (Fiverr’s developers) to do something very basic that I didn’t even think about checking it. But I get what you’re telling me. First impression is everything.

Thanks again for your insights, they’ll help.



Your gigs look good! Your descriptions are fantastic. The only thing I would change is your gig pictures. They don’t exactly fit fiverr’s sizes and are also very common pictures. try making your own pictures. Make the size of the pictures to the exact requirements so you know they fit. Hope this helped!

@wegotshoutouts well said. i am agree with you

There are two main issues I see…I do agree with the others, your profile and gig write up are really good…but the first gig the photo is cut off, that doesn’t look good. If you are someone doing technical work you should be able to make a photo fit.

The other bigger issue is that you have to offer something for $5. You say in both gigs about working the cost to fit their budget, but that isn’t how Fiverr works. It’s not just a regular freelance advertising site, so you are going to have to figure out what part of the process you can actually offer for $5.

Thank you everyone for your feedback!

Reply to @sincere18: I’ll fix that. I’m a developer, not a Photoshop guy :slight_smile: I just didn’t look up the picture size requirements, I was sure Fiverr was advanced enough to resize it.

About the second issue you mention; It should be obvious that I offer the consultation for $5. Actual work is not going to cost $5. As a reference, a good quality developer asks $250 just for a simple blog. I’m willing to offer less than that for more advanced stuff if I think it’s worth it.



Reply to @tkeen9: No, actually it’s not obvious and I’m not so sure most buyers expect to pay $5 just for a consultation. Most sellers will give quotes and customs offers and go over things before a buyer pays anything.

I understand your actual work is not going to cost $5 but you have to offer something for $5, and if it is just a consultation you need to clearly state that.

I also can understand you may not be a photoshop guy, but to someone who is going to hire your services, they want to see that you know what you are doing in all technical aspects. If you did not notice that the gig was cut off, don’t you think a potential buyer would wonder how the design part of their website is going to turn out? Even a simple blog has a design to it. YOu asked how it looked to buyers, all we are doing is giving you some insights into it.

Reply to @tkeen9: lol…your “not to be that guy”…but you have to understand something, anyone as a buyer looking for someone to develop/design a site does not know the inner workings and distinctions, thus first impressions are indeed everything. Remember that most people hiring we designer may also now know much about any technical back-end anything, as well as the difference between a developer and a designer.

Look, it’s a minor thing, but seeing as how your gigs are pretty good to begin with, we’re all just suggesting the small tweaks that can be done, since you asked.

I’m not really sure how you get around the consult thing though.

But anyway, good luck to you. It sometimes just takes time before sales start coming in.