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Are my logos good quality? Should i change them?

I can’t decide to which subtopic i create that improve my gig or my fiverr gigs but after all i create in here.
Could you share your views with me about my logos (especially primary one) Is it a attention grabbing logo or ehhh, thanks in advance


I would add some more examples - you basically only have 2 right now, one being just different colours.


I agree with @joyh97. I’d like to see not only more logos, but more variation. The “Master Pen” design is cool looking, but IMO doesn’t really give me an idea of what it’s signifying. To even take it a step further, you may want to consider a mock-up or two as well. Just my opinion of course.

Good luck!


Thank you for advice, i’ll work with it but i don’t understand what is IMO (lion?)

And plus, “Master Pen” is more beautiful than primary one in your opinion

@albizs, IMO means “in my opinion”

I think both pieces look good. Just add more variety and more pieces.

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Well, I’ll advice you to design couple of more and improve your presentation style. Moreover also work on your gig description.

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Could you explain more about presentation style?

The way you present your Logo to audience. That can be in form of mockup or in simple way. Also learn what size the logo will be on a paper or page so It looks good.

That all can be achieved once you practice more and more.

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