Are My Prices too High?


Hello everyone, my name is Silk & I’m new here on fiverr. I’m a professional graphic designer with a lot of experience, & most of my designs usually start at $50. Since I’m on fiverr, I decided to offer “Basic” services at $15, thinking maybe the volume of sales will make up the difference. Considering how many people are selling good quality services for $5, do I stand a chance at making consistent sales?


If you are a new on fiverr you can start a gig at $5 because you can’t have any review फ़ॉर्म any buyer… When you take 3 to 5 order and gave 5 star rating on your id then you will increase your price


I think as a new seller, you have to develop a reputation for your work. I started rally low (around 10% of what I charge offline) when I first came to Fiverr. I have been able to increase this to a similar level after building my rep on this site.


I like that idea, I think I’m gonna Lower my prices for now!


Thanks for the response, I think the 10% number is spot on, I’m gonna adjust my prices while I build my rep!


Yes starting at 5 then you increase your profile at 1 level then increase your price


First of all, welcome to 5r!! :slight_smile:

Second of all, the quote below - isn’t quite accurate. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of sellers here who do quality work (professional) at $5 - but that depends on what is being sold.

There are some things that are impossible to do at $5 - and the results are not quality. If you notice some of your so-called competitors offering this service at $5 - more than likely, they aren’t your competitors.

There is nothing wrong with offering a lower price (not low but lower) when you first start out to get recognition, but don’t sell yourself too short.

Best of luck to you and again,


Thanks for the response, yeah I think I’ll do one or two at the $5 price just to get started, but I couldn’t stomach doing things at that price for too long lol


No, no, no.

I’m not going to advise you on how to set your price but I think $5 is way too low. You know what you are worth. If you see yourself as worth $5 than buyers will too.

I think you should start at slightly higher.

Some people get an order in the first day, others take months; it all comes down to timing. If you have to wait awhile, isn’t it better to get a quality customer that respects your work vice the cheap one who will take advantage of you?


Yeah true thats a fair point! $5 is too low


Buyer needs low price
but when buyer see your gigs reviews …if reviews is good then buyer choose your gig without seeing your pricr…because every one want good thing
but if you’ve no reviews and price is cheap then buyers think but if you’ve no reviews and price will also high then buyers reject your gigs
so i recommend this
you are a new on fiverr you can start a gig at $5 because you can’t have any review any buyer… When you take 3 to 5 order and gave 5 star rating on your id then you will increase your price


Okay cool fair point, maybe I just drop down my “Basic” service to $5 at first but leave the rest where they are?


I have to disagree.

There is low price and there is cheap price. I say start low but not cheap.


Okay, you know what I’m in a pretty good mood.

How about I get you started on your first gig?

Some of my former sellers are level 2 now, it feels good to see them climb from zero to 2! Pick which gig you want and I’ll order it right now. You have 3 minutes as I have to leave for work in 23 minutes.

(Okay, the 1st is on me, but the rest is up to you to succeed - to get more clients! :slight_smile: )

& Stop changing your prices!!


Lol I keep switching them idk what to charge! lol but wow thanks! Here’s a product: :grin:


Okay, ordered.

Your $10 to $15 starting price is perfect. You may want to tweak the gig description a little bit and add some additional details:

  • What you will do
  • What the buyer needs to give you: we buyers need specific details (sometimes we get confused :slight_smile: )