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Are My Rates Fair As A New User?

Hey Fiverr Community,

Just wondered if someone could take a quick peek at my 3 tiers and let me know if that’s a good starting prices for services. I’m open to any and all suggestions!

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

You are not a new user, you are since July 2016.

To find out if you are charging a fair price you should first see the prices of your competitors, then you can charge the standard price or you can charge less to attract more buyers.

Personally, the Premium plan is a bit expensive, you should lower it by at least $20 or more if possible.

I hope I helped you.

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Search “color grading” and look at the people on the first row, then click “Best Seller” and look at those people.

I follow the pricing philosophy of logical increments, $10, $20, $30. You can also do $20, $40, $60, but you have to see if what you do is worth that.

For my gigs, if my most expensive package requires doing 3 things instead of one, then it makes sense to charge 3 times more.

Also, I think you offer too many revisions. I want my client to be a one night stand, not a long term relationship unless he orders again. Offering 3 or 5 revisions means you might have to ask for extensions and deal with a client for a very long time. One revision should be sufficient, if they want more, you can send them a custom offer.

Multiple revisions are fine for a salaried employee, on Fiverr we’re freelancers, we have clients instead of bosses.


Fair to you is what you want to earn to be “bothered” with the work. Fair to a buyer is what they are willing to pay. Forget the idea that those two definitions will always match. Price for what makes you happy and then do what you can to make buyers see the value.

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Sorry. To clarify: “recent” user. I guess you can’t technically call me “new” but all I did was literally link my Fiverr account to Facebook in 2016 and never did anything with it.

Does that affect how people view your gigs?

@fastcopywriter Makes a lot of sense, thanks! I was looking at other gigs offering revisions but I think 0 revisions and charging for extra is a good route, at least until I start charging more.

Is it ever bad practice on Fiverr to increase rates? Or would it just be better to create a separate gig that has more “premium” rates after establishing some cred?

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Does my sample video on the page give a pretty straightforward example of services offered?

Yes and in a good way, since buyers prefer experienced sellers inside the site but in your case, you haven’t made any sales, that won’t help you much, but soon you will have it, that’s for sure!

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From experience, $15 - $50 seems to be the sweet spot for most gig niches. I’d offer a basic $15 package going up to $50.

Be clear about what you offer and steer buyers to never ever buy your $15 package by making what you offer for that price sound a bit rubbish.

First question, no, it’s not a bad practice. Your buyers won’t know, unless they’re previous buyers. Even then, most of them understand. If not, they can always ask for a custom offer.

Second question, I don’t think Fiverr likes it when sellers clone their gigs. It looks weird if a graphic designer has 5 logo gigs, it looks like he’s fishing for orders, it’s a bit desperate.

Also, if buyers discover that you offer the exact same service for less money, they’re not going to like that. It’s like going to buyers requests, bidding at $50 and then the buyer finds out that our regular prices are $10.

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I wasn’t meaning a clone gig. I was meaning more of “here’s an okay three tier option” versus “here’s a crazier three tier option” that’s different in what it offers. But I suppose if they have the option to tack stuff onto the gig for extra $$ then it probably does the same thing?

Suggest you change “My passion lies in words, whether verbally or on paper.” to something more relevant in relation to your gig as your gig may come across as secondary.
Also suggest mentioning in your profile description that you have only recently started selling on your account.

Prices are cool IMHO, I would even go higher. :sunglasses:

What I would consider a huge potential problem is the lack of a proper description. Even with video gigs, people will read your description, and yours doesn’t have details or that special something either.

Besides the fact that I don’t see the details or catchiness I want in your description, keep in mind that these text things have important SEO purposes. On Youtube marketing 101, what do you get as advice? Create lengthy and proper descriptions. SEO bots are high-tech, but they can’t read your mind (or video) to know in front of which people you should appear.

Also, and I think you already kind of mentioned this, use all the possible gig slots. Not duplicating your existing one, but creating different slightly the same gigs that cover specific niches.

Good luck :+1:

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Yes, but if you’re offering the exact same service with different prices, then it could be considered a clone gig.

Maybe you should ask CS and see what they tell you.

Makes sense. And helps a lot!

I actually had some SEO-type content in the description but it disappeared. Not sure why, but I went ahead and updated.