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Are My Rates Fair As A Newbie, Or Offer Attractive Enough to Stand Out?

Hello everyone, just started yesterday and I am trying to figure out everything if I am doing it all alright. If you have any experience, I’d like to hear them out to improve it more. Have a nice day:

I have moved your post to “My Fiverr Gig” where according to Forum Rules it belongs. If I had not moved it, a mod could have removed your post.

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Your gig looks good according to me

The second group of words in your profile description does not have a verb therefore it is not a sentence. :scream:


Vickie, do you mean this?

Living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, exterior, furniture, product
Can be designed or visualized ASAP!

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The group of words I looked at was this:

Or trying to visualize them?

I did not read further. However, the group of words you found is not a sentence either. I hope @giraykara corrects his profile wording and conventions.


Vickie, I’m giving you my heart because, as usual, my bag is empty… :woozy_face:



Ouch! Thanks for the warning. Profile stuff is messy, I should’ve fixed them all.

Thanks for the warning. First day at the office, gonna learn the ropes around.

Yes, a profile with many mistakes in English, spelling, and conventions will often make buyers move past your gigs. :wink: