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Are my words hard to understand?

I am beginning to think that it’s probably my fault or I am unable to convey my thoughts properly since these things are happening again and again.

I sent an offer on buyer request mentioning that I will do 1 diagram like their attached sample and sending an offer for that one only since I don’t know how many diagrams the buyer needs. I also put “1” in the figure section. I hope to hear back from them so I can send another offer to them.

But the buyer didn’t contact me at all, accepted my offer but that’s okay but what not okay is they submitted 12 diagrams of various complexity.

Seriously, in which universe 1 became 12?!! :unamused::unamused: (I have cancelled an order because of the same issue yesterday and of course, my OCR got affected.)

I send them a message within half an hour after they have ordered. They haven’t replied yet. A typical case of hit (order) and run? I have checked their profile and they have joined fiverr on 2016 and have reviews. So it’s unlikely that they don’t know what they are doing.

Are my words hard to understand? I am thinking about submitting 1 diagram only. Will it be against Fiverr rules? Since I did put no.1 but there’s also review to consider. :tired_face::tired_face:


Put the price you would charge for the service you’re bidding for. If they wanted 12, put your price for 12, not 1. They must have thought that was your price for 12 (not 1). That’s your fault. The buyer did nothing but order through the quote offered.

Well, buyers can be … people who don’t read.

If you offered to do 1 diagram and they ordered 12 by reply, one of the things you could do is point out that your offer was for one (1) diagram … and here is the price for the other 11.

I don’t think it’s you @pyonarts - I think it’s the buyer trying to pull a fast one …


Exactly, but the seller left the buyer open to do that by not giving a proper quote.

Deliver the items as per the quantity ordered. You can mention it to the buyer " Please update your order quantity to 12 by purchasing the extra or else the order will be delivered as per the quantity ordererd." Why had you cancelled an order? Simply deliver 1 diagram and then mention it in the delivery.

Good Luck!!

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The buyer didn’t mention, how many they needed. If they put the word 12, of course, I would have put the offer for 12 images. If you see buyers request not many of them mention how many images they need drawn but say, “I need some diagram drawn like the sample attached.”

The buyer could have read what I have written, even if he didn’t, how can he think that only for $10 someone would work that many pictures. It’s common sense.

How do say me mentioning the number “1” several times is not proper. They didn’t mention how many drawings they need in the first place!

@coerdelion, @rahulgraphics Thank you for the suggestions. They still didn’t reply or came online. I can put 1 diagram but there’s review to consider.

I can only wait now since they are not online. :tired_face: