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Are newcomers/ freelancers able to do well in this COVID-19 situation than before?

We know every day thousands of people are coming in fiverr but In the COVID-19 situation are they hiring? Now many midlevel companies are started to the online platform which is not seen to do before the COVID-19 situation.


Well, there are less clients in most categories, as far as I can see, due to Covid and the implications regarding their business.

Add to that the fact that the number of sellers have doubled, even tripled in some cases. So… as far as I can see the situation is worse than before Covid, at least in my case.


Alas! That’s mean sellers are more than buyers. so, who are experienced are not treated in high rate. is it true ?


Why not join in the conversation here: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(


What do you mean here?

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Those who are old and experienced , did they reduce their require amount for working ?

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I have been here 3 years and consider myself experienced. I have not reduced my prices.


Thank you so much for your opinion.

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Covid had definitely affected online work everywhere. I guess it’s happening on Fiverr too. Many people complain of not get work. But There is nothing buyers or sellers can do here.


It’s hard for all sellers. At the same time many buyers are opening up new YouTube channels and websites. Probably, there will be a balance in supply and demand soon in sha Allah.

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Good discussion . I think Covid-19 has effect on fiverr

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Hi everyone, Now situation is getting better. We are getting orders once again…fiverr is back.

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Hope so. @ejazoptimizer

Yes…i am agree with you…

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Hello, this is the first time I’m replying to a post here, but here goes nothing.
I joined Fiverr during the pandemic mostly out of curiosity, I already had a good enough career in freelancing as a writer offline( nothing big just good enough for a student) but on joining the Fiverr community I came to a shocking realisation!

It really wasn’t easy getting people to notice and trust your gigs. It was also almost impossible to get my offline clients to join Fiverr and order my services.
So I’m mostly working on convincing my clients to join Fiverr (because I feel it’s safer ) and also get people to actually order my gigs😆. It’s not been easy but I have a whole lockdown to keep trying!


for this reason now the seller number us 3/4 multiple the the normal time.

Yes you also right ,…

Yes I am doing well in COVID-19 situation than before.

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