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Are Orders slow for you ? Weekend?

Have you felt any change in flow of orders in last two days ? Or it’s only me.
I was getting average 4-5 orders a day and during last two days, I’ve got only three orders.
Is it due to weekend or something else ?

Too Slow for me :frowning:

Well, I did not feel anything like that. For me, orders keep coming the same way :-/

It’s been slow for me, too. Could be the weekend, end/beginning of month, holiday season… Or just bad luck.

It’s slowed down for me. In mid-July I got about 8 orders in a week and then I only got one more order at the end of the past 9 days.

weekends are always slow, and it is vacation period too, so less people are working

Things have been really slow for me this weekend. I’m used to getting at least a few orders daily. This weekend, I’ve only received one. I know people say weekends tend to be slow days, but I’ve never had such an issue for the seven months I’ve been a seller.

Yeah , I also got no order in the weekend.

yes- I’ve also noticed that orders have slowed down. It seems to go in cycles like this. Does fiverr change their algorithms ? - or feature different people? maybe some gigs somehow slide to the back of the line - and slowly move up in exposure? hmmm… don’t know.

OKAY, so it’s not just me

Not only the weekend, this entire month is terrible, sales dropped a lot and I think a new kind of algorithm is implemented

I thought I was the only one…

My week is slow. no orders too

Perhaps it’s because I’m a Tarot card reader and, you know, it’s October, but this month has been my best ever. I’ve had more and bigger sales, more and bigger tips, and my conversion ratio is looking great. I hit a slow point at the end of summer break and students went back to school, but everything picked up again after that.