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Are PayPal withdrawals disabled at this moment?


I went to my earnings to check on a few things, and I just saw that my withdrawals are disabled.

Is this happening to you guys too? Please let me know!!


image everybody same


Phew, so it’s not just me. I don’t get it why they say “for this account” when it’s for everybody…

It’s coding guy. He doesn’t know that accounts can be disabled in batch so the code is set to type this account. Probably no set words for scenario of Paypal not working for entire site.

Mine is grayed out as well.
Good thing I don’t desperately need the money!


Yes happened with me too, but sure this is some technical glitch?, because I am like what if they changed some policy and our all accounts flashed something red?

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We did nothing wrong, we read TOS and we are not frauds or misleading clients.

So no worries on our end.

I’m having the same issue! Whenever I try to withdraw money form my Fiverr account it states that a withdrawal has already been initiated although it hasn’t — and I don’t receive any email as normal. More and more money keeps appearing on my account but I haven’t been able to withdraw it for a few days now.

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Your issue might be something else @oliviawidalski.

The problem I mentioned is solved.

I recommend you to contact customer support, it sounds like a serious problem.

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