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Are PayPal withdrawals disabled for everyone?

I was browsing my Earnings, preparing to withdraw my money and I see the PayPal button grayed out. It says that the PayPal earnings are disabled for this account and the team is working on it.

The question is, do you have the same issues? Are PayPal withdrawals disabled for everyone or it’s just me? Let me know guys.

am very sorry to ask sir, have you been using paypal for your previous withdraw sir? if yes you may have some patience. but if you haven’t use it for any withdraw from fiverr, it may not support your country. paypal doesn’t accept all country . thanks sir…i would like the bosses to contribute, just my view, thanks sir.

I was just asking if PayPal withdrawals are disabled for everyone right now? I noticed the same issue last time when there were problems. I was preparing to withdraw now, obviously I didn’t withdraw anything in the past 24 hours… Considering there’s a message from Fiverr that PayPal withdrawals are disabled right now, I assume they are dealing with an issue like they did last time.

Just checked and mine is also disabled. Lovely. I hope this gets fixed soon. :confused:

It’s disabled for me as well, been using Paypal for withdrawals for years so it’s a fiverr thing to sort out I am sure.

On my account, PayPal is disabled also.

Strange things happened today. I had a massive amount of money in my Available for Withdrawal. Then I refreshed the page and then it shown I had less money. Then I quickly withdrawn the money to paypal. Seconds later it grayed to me and I was given $0.01.