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Are people seeing my gigs?

How do I advertise my gigs on here? I don’t seem to be seen.

Reply to @nhshapiro: I try not to use social media for Fiverr, since I already promote my business and prefer people buy at my normal sales. But As I am thinking about it now, Fiverr may be enticing for someone to buy, so they get to know me a bit before buying a full session… Thanks!

If you gig in active mode, gig goes online and all people can see it.

Why not split your gig to increase your chances of being found? Maybe you can offer divorce coaching, love coaching, friendship coaching, job coaching, etc.

Not sure if you have one but posting a video increases your chance to sell :wink:

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Good idea. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have sold one gig so far. I am thinking creating a video may bring more interest…

Reply to @rocks_design: Ok thank you :slight_smile:

Use Social Media, I use twitter to promote my gig to drive traffic. A video is good but follow their guidelines. I just added a PDF to my gigs so people can see my work.

It’s worth searching your niche to see where you appear in the search rankings. Obviously better positioning means more leads/sales.

As far as your gig descriptions go, I think you should add more to them about the benefits of your service. There are people that will be looking for such a gig, and they’ll have certain problems. I think you should include more info about how you’ll help solve those problems.

That’s ultimately what will see them click Order Now.

I think you can reduce the section on who you are to a small paragraph, maybe even 3 lines. It’s far less important to somebody than knowing you’ll help them keep their marriage intact, or make their relationship happier. You only really need to tag on a little bit about you at the end just to emphasize your credibility once they’re 85% sold.

I see ‘‘I’m currently not available for orders.’’

Reply to @nir_anjan: Ok tks. I edited them recently, so it may have been that…

I posted some videos! Hope it helps :slight_smile: