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Are people trying to scam me using Team Viewer?

Im in my first 2 months of using fiverr, in this time i have recieved around 5 offers to make someone an account on Upwork via Team Viewer and an offer of 30-150 % depending on the person to use my PC.

Does anyone else get this messages? Are this people scammers or what’s going on here?

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Yes they are - please don’t do it - report them to CS.


I really wish I would get these scammers. I’d set up a new PC full of malware disguised as cryptocurrency wallet apps to give them access to.

Yes, these people are scammers. Anyone who asks you to set up and use Team Viewer is a scammer.


Any offer to create an account on Upwork is a scam and can get you banned if you accept. It’s against their TOS and if I am not mistakes, is also against Fiverr’s TOS.
Since there are some identity validations required, you can also get in legal trouble for it.

Plus, you offer your identity to someone that can do bad things in your name, things that you are going to pay for.

Bottom line, run away from these things like vampires run away from sunlight. :+1::sunglasses: