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Are phone calls with sellers allowed?

Hi all,
I was looking around on fiverr to see what “Pro” and “TRS” sellers offer. One of them was so proud to offer a “phone call” with sellers to “better understand the project”. And, in his FAQ section, he added a question saying why he is the only one offering the phone call service unlike others? The silly answer was, because other sellers “outsource” the project and they don’t do it themselves, that is why they can’t do a phone call, while he do everything by himself.

I was surprised when I saw this as this seller is both “Pro” and “TRS”. According to my knowledge, communicating outside fiverr is not allowed and may cause an account banning or something.
I checked the TOS and it states that:

Communication for handling orders should be performed on Fiverr, through the order page. Users who engage and communicate off of Fiverr will not be protected by our Terms of Service.

Does this mean that you can use phone calls but you will not be protected by fiverr’s TOS? Or does it mean you are not allowed to use that?

Just wanted to check with you guys as you may know better :smiley:


Communication outside fiverr isnt allowed beyond any shaded of doubt. Only way is that if you are providing a service which is based on such communication channels.

You need to get permission from customer support if you need to make contact outside of Fiverr.


Do they allow such communication?

If you get permission from customer support.

But this seller has general something like general permission? I mean he posted that on the gig page so it is not related to on order or so.
If that is the case, why not giving permission to all sellers?

May be they are providing some permissions to pro sellers

Send this question to CS. We don’t know what was or wasn’t agreed with the seller.


Bu then that seller should not be allowed to provide such statement on his FAQ section by saying other sellers can’t do phone calls because they don’t do the job by themselves. It should be I was given this feature because I am a pro or whatever.


Let him enjoy till CS notice

Yes sure, I just wanted to check first :wink:

If it really bothers you, you can report him to Customer Support and they will just tell you that they’ll have Trust and Safety check it out. They won’t tell you the details. Permission for contact like that is handled on a case-by-case basis and is done one seller at a time, it is not given broadly to everyone level 2 or everyone TRS or all with Pro gigs. If they already gave him personal permission, they will ignore your complaint. If they have not given him permission, they will handle it.


hi, is there an example of such. I get complex projects which needs lot of communication. In some cases clients are not able to properly express their idea and thoughts. So if there is any possibility to talk on call i want to avail it.

Contact Customer support :slight_smile:

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I suppose it is not allowed.