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Are psychics and spell casters being phased out?

A very good psychic friend tried to set up her account after I referred her to fiverr, but there is no longer any category that fits, no spiritual or lifestyle, just only digital marketing, Graphics & Designs, writing & Translation, Programming & Tech and music and audio and video &; animation. Is it gone?


If she’s not seeing “Business” either, maybe there’s an issue with her browser. Maybe ask her to take a screenshot of the page she is in that isn’t showing it.

It’s under “Fun and Lifestyle” - far right of the categories top menu

I can see gigs under “Fun and Lifestyle” but when a new seller tries to create a new gig is now seems to ask for occupation but nothing even close to spiritual psychic or spells appears and you can’t go further without these fields completed.

That will be referring to her occupation outside Fiverr. It shouldn’t stop her creating a gig in the “Fun & Lifestyle” category later (after completing that section) even if that isn’t shown in the “occupation” part.

If her actual occupation outside Fiverr isn’t listed, she could just pick the closest one available or if “other” is listed she could click that.

I don’t think they should have made that field mandatory though. But since it is I think she could just pick the best available option which shouldn’t limit her in terms of creating a gig in the category above after.

If needed she could contact Fiverr customer support about it.


She tried that but can’t continue even after putting answers in mandatory fields.

Make sure she follows exactly what it says on screen.
eg. if it asks for her to select/enter “2 to 5 best skills” in that occupation she needs to specify at least 2 of those before clicking on “continue”. Also ensure any other on-screen text is followed before pressing to continue.

If it still doesn’t let her continue she could contact CS.

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It’s nothing at all to do with the category of gigs your friend wants to sell.

I signed up to sell gigs recently - what’s missing from the top of your screenshot is the little green progress bar which has got to get to 70% before the continue button becomes available. The percentage increases with every bit of required info you add.

My occupation wasn’t available either, so as @uk1000 suggested, I picked the closest one and added everything else I needed to do to get to 70%.

It’s just that every possible occupation can’t be covered by a dropdown list so they’ve gone for just a few.