Are Ratings Truly Accurate?


My rating has been 97% for a very long time and I only have 2 negative reviews out of 188. I contacted customer support and they said the rating was right. Does this seem right to anyone else? I feel like my rating should be at least 98%.


Same Problem: 1 Negative Review & my rating is 98%


I don’t know how they calculate the ratings for new system. But earlier, in the thumbs up/down system, 1 negative until 199 positive reviews was counted as 99%.

after 200 positive and 1 negative, the ratings came back to 100%.


@kay2809 thats really annoying. especially for small sellers that don’t get many orders.


Solution: 50% of “not rated” shold be calculated as positive… (30 days after)


@skydesigner that is a really good idea. You should submit a request about that. They would listen to you more than anyone because you are a Top Rated Seller.


I think your percentage relies on the actual number of stars you’ve been given, not just whether the reviews are considered negative or positive. So if you’ve got a few four-star reviews, that could be bringing your percentage down, even though those are considered positive reviews, since those would technically be worth 80%, not 100% like a full five-star review. Same would go for 4.5 star reviews and 3.5 star reviews.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Yes, the new revised rating system no longer reflects the percentage of positive reviews, rather it’s now more of just a scoring percentage determined by the stars as you noted. So you can drop below 100% even though you have no negative reviews.

Fiverr could avoid a lot of confusion if they simply renamed it in the sellers control panel from “positive reviews” to “your satisfaction/feedback score” Personally, I’d like to see a letter score… A+ seller, A, B, C, etc, but alas, I’d be happy if they’d just altered the title to be more reflective of the true meaning :slight_smile:


Reply to @tsweezey: I like the letter grade idea. There definitely needs to be something that better reflects the actual meaning behind ratings. Right now, it still feels like buyers will only work with sellers who have extremely high ratings, like 97% to 100%–at least, it seems like a lot of sellers are worried about dropping below that percentage, especially if they’re still fairly new.

In reality, if I was a buyer, I’d probably work with the “right” seller" even if his score was 91% or even 89%, depending on what the specific negative reviews said. On Amazon, I often buy from marketplace sellers that have less than perfect scores and don’t really think twice about it–though that might stem partially from working here and realizing that as a business, you can’t please every single person all the time, no matter how hard you try.

Anyway, TL;DR version: Yes, some other way of displaying ratings that better reflects the majority opinion of that seller and isn’t so steeped in the old thumbs up/thumbs down dogma, would be great.


The ratings are not accurate at all. I have been fighting with Fiverr for more than 6 months to give me the data on my ratings, every other week I get a different excuse from them and I should be ‘patient’. Bare in mind I have been patient for 6 months with my gigs dropping down in rankings because of this. I also have proof of the system marking 4 stars as negative, additionally I recently requested 2 negative feedbacks be removed on a gig I bought last year, I wanted to see if the rating would increase, it did not. This seller in question had 201 reviews, prior to the negative ratings being removed the percentage was 93%. After the 2 negatives were removed the rating was still 93% and to this day still is.

Most recently support accessed my account and used my credit to purchase a ‘test’ gig without my permission. Given, they did refund it, I asked why they did this, they said because they were looking into my ratings. I’ve heard nothing back since

Here is the most interesting part, about a month and a half ago I asked them to please tell me what a previous thumbs down counted as on the new rating system as I would then be able to work out what my rating should be. Guess what, they’re refusing to answer that simple question.

I have screenshots and proof of all of this, I’ll give them until the end of the month before I post all the details as there is a lot more to this than I am stating quickly here.


Reply to @flyby: For what it’s worth, negative reviews can also “hide out” in older custom orders. Now we have the luxury of being able to attribute a custom order to a particular gig, but not long ago that wasn’t the case. So if we received negative feedback on a custom order, there was no visibility at all. The same, of course, holds true for older gigs that we delete. So while this might not be the case for you, folks should know that a negative review can be buried in the system without being obvious to the seller.

Again, I realize that this probably isn’t happening to you, but it might affect some folks.


@tsweezey thanks for this the info but this is not the case here. First off I very rarely do custom orders, if I did, I would know about a negative review.

The obvious point here is, why, if the system was working would Fiverr hide the information from the sellers and more importantly why would they not answer that simple question. I actually have examples from months ago where my rating was not changing of removal of negative feedback and then support had to intervene and manually update. Around this same time my rating changed over night even though only 5 star ratings had only been received that night. It was at this point that support ‘gave up’ and stopped looking into this issue.

As a TRS or any other seller for that matter I believe we have the right to know how a system works. With all the current bugs in the system I can no longer just take their ‘word’ for it. Furthermore, what is there to hide? IF they keep saying our ratings are correct why not just show us the data?

There is actually thread in this forum where the reply from support was ’ I’m sorry we cannot divulge how our rating system works’

Again, thanks for the info, this is not on attack on your statement at all. I think it’s time that Fiverr started actually fixing serious issues that sellers face instead of continuously rolling out updates that are revenue increasing related.

Bottom line, we as sellers deserve that respect.

P.S This is not the only issue, there is also an issue with my response time which is incorrect, again they are not interested in fixing this. These are issues that affect sales, otherwise I would not bother. I get it; ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ but when you’ve fed that hand a serious amount in revenue I believe we have every right to demand an explanation.


I’m in the 97% club too. I had two cancellations donkey’s years ago, and have been waiting to get back to 98%+ for ages.


Reply to @sara1984: Ouch. I didn’t realize the Fiverr rating system was so brutally unforgiving in the sense that it was quick to down-rate but slow to up-rate.