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Are reviews important to sellers?


I gave the seller a 1 point review.

The seller blamed me with a message.

What does review mean to the seller?

I am tired to waiting for buyers

Did he deserve a one star review?

Reviews and statistics means a lot to sellers, they might loose their rating and loose their badge because that, which will lead to loosing their ranking and how often system shows their gig in the search, which might lead loosing their sales.

However All reviews should stay fair. And you shouldn’t feel bad for leaving a review (if it’s fair review) If the seller failed to deliver and communication


seller need to maintain some standards to remain current level. Buyer rating is one of them. need to maintain at least 4.7 star rating over the course of 60 days.


I did not like the seller’s product.


Thanks. I understood.

I am tired to waiting for buyers