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Are revisions considered to be exceeding 30 days?

Here is the deal! I took up a project which would have taken me three weeks. However, someone very close to me passed away and I couldn’t complete a major chunk of the project. I needed about two weeks more and used the extend option for one week. Now, the buyer is okay with seeking a revision for the next seven days, but would that be an issue? In that case, what is the alternative? Thank you in advance!


Simple, Go to order page>click on the order>Visit the resolution centre> image >extend the delivery time

>explain why you need extended time
If your buyer accept the fact Fiverr doesn’t have any issue with that.

Best of luck.


Yes, I know how to seek an extension. My question is regarding the TOS, where it is clearly stated that a gig shouldn’t exceed 30 days.

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It’s actually 90 days now (or it is for me at least, not sure if it’s changed for everyone!) but usually extensions / revisions don’t seem to matter (I’ve had to extend due to several reasons from revisions to being ill to needing more time because the project was bigger than what we’ve thought at first) and it seems OK as long as the buyer accepts it :slight_smile: I think the 30 days used to be for the base order (so say, when someone bought my gig that was 30 days an ordered an extra that was 7, the deadline was in 37 days, not 30!)



It is no problem at all to exceed 30 days by adding a revision. I have done it a couple of times. What we were not supposed to do (before the term changed to 90 days) was to set up a project that we expected would last more than 30 days from the outset.

Requesting revisions that take you over 30 days is not a problem. So, nothing adverse will occur if you request one.



Thank you so much! That does clarify all my doubts.

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Okay great, Thank you very much!