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Are revisions in milestone orders really on order basis or it is milestone basis

Recently buyer requested for 3rd revision and only 2 revisions were included in project agreement. I already did 2 revisions in previous milestones and now on the new revision project price isn’t affected. Can anyone help? According to TOS total revisions are on project not on milestones.

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This may be helpful to you:

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I already read that twice.

Project cost should have increased when buyer raised revision but it doesn’t.

How do revisions work within Milestone orders?

Revisions are defined per order and not per Milestone, and can be used in each step of the order.

The above is from the article.

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I think what Lloydsolutions is trying to say is that your buyer gets two revisions for every order within the milestone, not two revisions for the entire scope of the milestone. So you’re still obliged to provide additional revisions now, as long as two haven’t already been used for the current section of the milestone.

Even if the case were that the buyer was requesting revisions he or she hadn’t paid for, Fiverr sadly doesn’t do anything to the price of the order. Buyers can demand unlimited revisions even if the seller included none. It’s a shame but the way things are done.

I digress. You have to do the revision the buyer is requesting so long as it is first revision for this section of the project. Sorry you have to do more work than you’d planned on, and I hope you can find a way to resolve this in future orders.

While the FAQ that attempts to clarify is not the clearest (TSDMS - too short, didn’t make sense) it is clear that:

Revision Count is attached to the Total Job as opposed to starting again with each Milestone

This means that if you offered a total of 2 revisions for the whole job and they are asking 3+ times, you have full right to decline or offer the changes at an optional fee.

The things to be sure of are:

First that revisions aren’t to cover your mistakes or things that would reasonably be expected with the price of the job, brief, and your portfolio + promises. Good luck with anyone agreeing on what is reasonable when they think that paying for a Hyundai should deliver them a Ferrari (with a Kardashian in the passenger seat).

Second that the buyer is not going to have a total hissy fit, cancel the job (you should get paid for approved milestones but don’t fully count on that), and then return a vile rating + spiteful comments seeing you declined that aforementioned theoretical Ferrari they firmly believe they are entitled to.

Look at the big picture. if this is a client who you will never be able to serve honorably then hold firm and deal with any nastiness with a well-considered response to their review. If they are not your fave client but you can get it done, probably put your head down, get it done, and then if you don’t want to do it again with them, block them - and consider putting up your pricess to minimize exposure to people who have no business in business.


has anyone else had or seen examples of this. if a gig includes no revisions or is out of revisions, then the buyer can still request a revision. also, a buyer is entitled to everything that was in the original requirements and revision count only counts against those (small) changes that the buyer wishes to make to the original requirements, which is why that’s the case

anyway, this is how i would handle the situation. i would give the buyer two revisions per milestone regardless, but not more then that. you see, the TOS is, of course, badly written, that being said it could have said “and the revisions can be used on any milestone”, but it says “on each milestone”. the TOS seem to be based on amarican understanding of contract law, and every word matters

to me, the only way this sentence can be interpreted is that the seller has to set the revision count for the whole project (say, 2), then each of those 2 revisions can be used on each step of the order. you just can’t set a different number of revisions for each step, nor could the buyer use 1 revision on step one to use 3 on step two. this is clearly dumb, but look at how they deal with unlimited revisions

if the revisions don’t take that long to do, then i would give two revisions per step, remembering of course hat on step two and three, the buyer should not be asking to change the order completely

on the logo example in the TOS, step 1’s revisions would be where the buyer can reasonably make changes, step 2’s revisions should be on the one chosen concept, then hopefully the seller will have a good idea on what the final delivery should look like, then the last two revision should be on that final logo, colour changes and wotnot. i think that’s entirely reasonable for a milestone order of $100+ if i’m honest