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Are revisions still possible ? What about tips?

It’s been a while since I havn’t used fiver. Are revisions still possible ? I saw there is a message saying something like “Make sure you have everything indicated, in case there are adjustments to be made seller can charge you extra”.

I understand that, but what if it’s just small revisions you know , real little things.

What about tips, is it still possible to tip ? Thanks guys.

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Hi there. To the first, IMO, you should honour the seller´s revision policy. Order from a seller whose revision policy you’re fine with.

To the second, yes.


Some sellers won’t offer any revisions. Some will offer one, two, or even unlimited, depending on the package you order and who you go with. This will be displayed in the package section before you place your order, so be aware of that before going ahead and ordering with someone. It’s best to respect the sellers revision policy. However, if you have a small problem, I’m sure they won’t mind taking five minutes to fix them.

Yes, you can still tip people. There should be an option to do so when you’ve accepted a delivery from a seller. Alternatively, some sellers have a gig dedicated to accepting tips, laid out in a package process like any other gig they offer.


Awesome thanks for the clear information , that’s great help :slight_smile:

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