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Are sellers allowed to ask for contact outside of Fiverr?

A seller asked me to send them my PayPal email so that they could refund me an order. I’m 95% sure this is not allowed, but I can’t find where the official terms forbid this.

Can someone point me to these terms so that I can show them to the seller?

Update: he’s claiming this is the only way to refund a Completed order.

assuringquality said: this is the only way to refund a Completed order.
You're seller is lying and breaking the ToS. If I were you I'd contact Customer Support and tell them what he's doing. They'll refund your order and, hopefully do something against that seller.

You might want to read this:

Reply to @belengarcia: Ah, it seems they are trying to find a way to refund only part of the order. I do not want one of the extra refunded. I’m not sure if that is possible in Fiverr…

fiverr is not allowed outside communication and outside payment. its against of fiverr TOS. its strictly prohibited. thanks

Reply to @assuringquality: no that is not possible you have to cancel the whole order and then buy a new order.

But be careful in general - I am curious why you are getting part of your order refunded? Maybe the seller wants to try and get your paypal address to steal from you.