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Are sellers allowed to directly solicit to other sellers?

I just received a message, in reference to one of my gigs, where the person is trying to sell me their services to improve my gig. What the crap? Is that allowed?

The message wasn’t harassment by any means, but I feel like it violates this part of the TOS: Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent.

I hate to be a jerk by reporting them, but it’s annoying. The seller is super new (no levels yet), so maybe it would be more mature to point out to them that they’re violating the TOS and politely tell them to stop?

I’ve had level 2 sellers offer me this when I was a new/unlevelled seller. I wouldn’t report them unless there is harassment even after you point out the TOS to them. It’s quite possible they haven’t read the TOS.

I hadn’t thought about the response rate issue. Thankfully I don’t get much spam, but it’s good to know.

Reply to @madmoo: Right, to keep up my response rate I either have to respond or report…assuming reports to Fiverr don’t count as not responding.

I ended up not reporting, but I did point out they are violating the TOS.

I’ve only gotten a couple of these types of messages. I haven’t reported them, either, but I have responded.

I’ve let each of them know that their sales pitch could use some editing, and then asked them if they would me to send them a custom editing offer.

It’s good for laughs, at least. :slight_smile: And who knows? Maybe I’ll get a sale out of it.