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Are sellers allowed to link to work samples outside of Fiverr?


Hello everyone. I tried researching my question, but am having a hard time finding the answer. I have a potential buyer interested in my WordPress setup gig, but wants to see samples of my work. I told him about the few in my Live Portfolio which are unfortunately not stellar because those buyers did not have me do anything significant to customize or personalize their setup. So, I told him I have a few external samples of sites I’ve developed, but am not sure if I am allowed to give out those links? Are we allowed to link to any external portfolio samples?


Hummm, I just had a gig that was under review, and then approved after I fixed a image. In that Gig was a linkout to an image at imageshack, which shows my work. (no contact info there)


Well this may answer your question. I was amazed to find the following sent to me in an email:

Hi winlin,

We do not allow referring users to sites off Fiverr. However, for the purpose of displaying additional samples of your work, you may use a link to flickr (for photos, illustrations and graphics) or youtube (for video, audio and animation). All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features, as well as your account status.


The Fiverr Team

>I purchased five gigs from a fiverr writer and asked them to visit the web site where the articles would be published so that they could get a feel for the type of writing I was after. I headed out for a couple of hours and when I returned this nonsense was in my inbox and a big pink statement that forced me to click "my bad i wont do it again" (paraphrased) appeared at the top of my dashboard.

If I cannot have a writer visit the site they are writing for before they write the articles... I may be forced to find another venue for hiring writers... Did I mention the order was for 5 gigs?


As a SELLER, I never give anyone any links other than YT. If my gig video and great reviews are enough to earn their trust, I send an MP3 or MP4 thru the Fiverr message system.

BUYERS on the other hand, send me links off Fiverr. For the type of work I do, I understand why they want me to view a video or review something to help me better understand the job.

Are SELLERS in jeopardy because BUYERS send them links?

What about orders that are too large to be delivered thru the Fiverr system? How does a SELLER deliver that without giving a buyer a download link source?

Just curious.


Reply to @bachas85


I’ve purchased large files from other sellers and they’ve used a variety of file transfer services. Are they wrong to do that?


Reply to bachas85,

That’s what I thought. Many of the files I deliver are huge and even if they’re under the Fiverr limit, the uploader does have it’s issues.



Your best bet is to create a screencast of each website. If the video is too long, upload it to Youtube & add the link to your description.


Yes, but only using YouTube & Flickr


How can Flickr or Youtube be adequate examples of our work? For example, anyone could take a photo or screencast of anyone else’s work and post it onto Flickr or Youtube. There’s no way this could prove that I can, for example, create a Rails application that does certain things, a mock Shopify store, etc.


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