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Are sellers allowed to send messages to buyer after sending an offer to a custom request?

Hello to everybody, just a simple question: as a seller, are you allowed, after sending an offer to a buyers custom request, to message him privately about that request? For example to ask the buyer to read your request because its a good one.


I do not think so, if the buyer is interested in your offer he will contact you otherwise it is considered as spam


I think so too :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This is not possible to contact the buyer if he do not knock you.

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If you need to ask, then it wasn’t a good one. If it’s a good one, the client will contact you. Simple.


I know, i`m just curious if you are officially allowed to ask.

It happened to me as a buyer, I received a few messages after posting a job, I did not answer as I considered them SPAM, I did not report them because I did not want to hurt anybodys ratings (I know its tough leveling), after a day my response rate was destroyed because of this :frowning:

No!! You can not directly contact a buyer regarding an offer that you left for a buyer request. It’s against the Fiverr TOS and you could get your account restricted!

If I were a Buyer and you sent me a Buyer Request…then followed it up a day or so later with a Private Message asking me to read your Buyer Request I’d think you were spamming me.