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Are sellers doing bait and switch? Advertising one gig, then charging more?

I like the services provided on Fiverr. But when the site started, I think the process was cleaner and more honest.

Now, repeatedly when I search for something to buy, the price advertised for the service described is clearly what I want, and what I intend to order. Then if I contact the seller in advance as I’m sometimes asked to do, the price is RARELY the same as advertised. Seller baits with a low price, then switches to a higher price. That is even when what I am asking for is exactly what they say is included in one gig.

The latest instance: I was requesting an e-book cover, advertised at 1 gig, $5. Seller can bundle a CD label and a cover design for a CD case, each advertised at $5. The total should be $15. She messages me back and says it will be $70.00.

Fiverr should police this abuse better. But, do they really have a motive to do so since they get income from each gig? The result to me is to leave Fiverr and look elsewhere. (I’m sure sellers have stories of buyers who want too much for $5, but I’m not one of them).

Did they give a reason for the $70 quote? If no valid reason is given, I’d bring it to the attention of Customer Support. I know that many times the amount of work is proportional to how much they charge (for example, “complex” logos vs. “simple” logos) but if that’s not the case, it definitely sounds fishy. :confused:

What reason did they give for the $70 quote, did they give you a breakdown?

For example, did the $70 also include all the original editable files or something?

That is frustrating, but like with any service provider, here or anywhere else, you always have to email a few people for quotes. It’s like a store putting a sign on the window about a sale, but then you go in and it’s only one item in the store on sale or something.

I’m getting tired of this act as well. I’ve had several sellers do this. They mention a service in their GIG and offer expedited delivery and after the order is placed they want a huge amount more. A GIG shouldn’t be listed as 1 GIG and afterwards request $300 US. I’ve submitted a ticket about this as it takes away from the site. Essentially will reduce the site to a spam site. There are other online platforms for high priced GIGs. This is clearly “Bait-and-switch” behaviour and is fraud. See the below related laws:

"In England and Wales, bait and switch is banned under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.[1] Breaking this law can result in a criminal prosecution, an unlimited fine and two years in jail. In Canada, this tactic is illegal under the Competition Act."

On top of that it also violates Fiver’s terms of service specifically the following article:

“Fraud / Unlawful Use - You may not use Fiverr for any unlawful purposes or to conduct illegal activities.”


I just encountered this for the first time as well. The basic gig was advertised to include exactly what I wanted, but then the seller contacted me and, in a series of email messages, tried to negotiate additional gigs. I requested the gig to be mutually canceled, but the seller refused. Now I’m having to go the customer support route. Very frustrating. Had the seller simply said, “Sure, no problem” and agreed to cancel, I might’ve gone through again and purchased the extra gigs. As it is now, I want nothing more to do with the seller.

I agree with OP, its fairly annoying and not how the site used to be at all.