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Are sellers reading buyer requests properly?

I’m just curious to know if sellers are reading buyer requests properly or they simply copy & paste pre-made templates? I’m asking because its the second time I’m hearing from a buyer who contacted me after reviewing my offer.
His exact words “thank you for reading the brief properly! no-one else haha” Lol he had received 78 offers for a 600$ project & no one read it properly strange.


Most people are desperate for sales, and plenty of people hand out terrible tips on this forum by telling people to just “complete 10 offers a day” which I’d imagine just makes buyer requests get inundated in irrelevant offers.


yes ofcource i just read properly before sent offer


Yes, you are correct. The situation is weird these days

That’s Great! Please keep it up

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Judging by the number of offers appearing instantly, many sellers don’t.
I always read them and check out attachments and I am typically not making it to the first hundred of replies.
Balancing between speed and adequate offer with quality text is a real struggle, lol.
Thankfully I don’t have to rely on BR at the moment and rarely bid.


I just read properly before sent offer

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As a new seller I’m also following these principles, Buyers requests appears rarely for us, so its better to reply them properly. Hope one day I’ll be lvl 1 or 2 like you :slight_smile:


I read offer then send my opinion and my offer!

I have always carefully read the request’s description and attachments (even though it never shows more than 1) and was able to submit my offer without any hassle.
But around the same time that the gig’s analytics came back, something must have been updated in the code that now if I take too much time creating a offer, I get an error message and I’m unable to send it (it’s most likely due to the limit of offers per level sellers per request - but this didn’t happen before, once you started filling out the offer, you were given the chance to send it).
Then I experimented creating and sending an offer through Fiverr’s iOS app and contrarily to desktop it always accepted my offers independent on how much time it took to create.
So I decided to contacted support regarding all of this by sending them all the details and my concerns that this is not only unfair to sellers who actually spend their time creating a personalized offer, but also doesn’t help buyers get quality offers that match their requirements, as most of the offers that quickly fill out the limit are probably pre made offers.

Well… I should have kept my mouth shut, because after that, the app started denying the offers too.

So now, as @alyonagrapie said:

Yeah most post a template or at least something generic that’s about them not the request they’re posting.

Then they comment in the forum asking why they don’t get any responses to BRs.

One of my first orders was a BR I responded to. He said he chose me partly because I was the only one who communicated in English properly. I also wrote about the thing he asked for and why I was suitable for it.

Professionalism and care definitely set you apart. Glad you’re taking advantage of that.

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I read everything but TBH many BR are so poorly worded that it is close to impossible to really understand what they want/expect - I think often they don’t really know themselves.



:slight_smile: yup! I read all the requirements :wink:

Based on what I’ve read on the forum over many months, many people who talk about their experience of responding to buyer requests send generic badly worded copy and paste waffle that is utterly meaningless to anyone who has native English skills.

Such people then turn to the forum asking why they never get any orders.

It’s so, so simple. People have to be able to communicate in English effectively to land a job in the first place, and then to be able service their client efficiently.

I just groan when I see people foolishly repeat the phrase “send 10 buyer requests daily”. They haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about.