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Are seller's revenues safe?

Can someone explain if Fiverr really can do this?
I have delivered an order on the 19th of September. It got completed status in three days, so 22nd of September.

The buyer approached my on the 25th of October, so 33 days after it cot completed, that he is not entirely satisfied with the delivery, and I should give a refund. Called my a scam when I tried to explain there is no refund button after such time. (there really is not)
He contacted customer service, and tadaam, a few days later, the order got cancelled by CS team. Money down the drain I actually worked for.
I was under the impression the only way a buyer can scam their money back over 30 days, if they open a paypal or credit card dispute, as Fiverr automatically refunds those one (another topic: But why???) But this was done by CS.


I am also not aware of this type of cancellation.


Yes there is no time limit for CS as far as refunds goes. Did they give any reason? It’s not usual but it happens sometimes. I don’t know why he would wait so long.

If you want to you can message me to talk about it.


May be there is some technical issue in that because that usually does not happens.
Did You tried to reach customer support on that?

@fogi I had it happen to me recently too, a first for me, only it was immediately. I refused to cancel. Always notify CS immediately if this happens. I just wonder if it’s the same guy as it’s so unusual in our category.

Sent you a message via messaging!

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