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Are sellers selling accounts or is this a hack?

A while ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video made by a Fiverr seller who said in no uncertain terms that he had sold his Fiverr account. Obviously, this is illegal. (At least in Fiverr TOS world.) At the time, though, I assumed that this was an oddity. i.e. Something like a one-off event.

Now I’m not so sure. I recently stumbled on a selles profile who I thought I knew from here in the forum. Now apparently, they have changed gender and location. However, their sales are (apparently) continuing as normal.

Of course, this could be a hack. However, something just seems off to me. Typically, a seller who delivred an order half an hour ago would be aware that their profile picture and location had changed in that time. - Wouldn’t they?


I see this quite a bit when someone wants to change gender or location. I even get a few clients like this. I chalk it up to being dishonest about who and where they are.

Probably some are. People even sell/buy gaming accounts, and that’s just to have a senior account, coveted username, higher level, etc., while Fiverr accounts make real money, so, the one or other will be tempted. Especially if they might expect to have to, or already were asked to ID and can’t/don’t want to for some reason, want to give Fiverr up for some reason, need to change their withdrawal method and can’t remember their password, … … for different reasons, buying an account might be a very volatile investment, I think …

I once saw a seller trying to sell their level 2 account … in BR :neutral_face: Just once though, guess most of them aren’t that kind of stupid.


I have read different posts, especially last year, saying people were selling and buying accounts through FB.


Yes, I have seen such offers on various forums dedicated to freelancing. Heck, even on the Fiverr’s Forum every now and then you could see someone doing that.

There was a seller here who said he had seen a fake listing with his account on sale. Or it was on Reddit, I can’t remember. :slight_smile:

I agree with this! By the way, whenever I am traveling, my location never changes. Perhaps, a couple of weeks are necessary. Very strange.


You should see what is happening in the crypto space! Some people are selling copies of their own ID and bank statements to help others buy Bitcoin from exchanges. All that they all forget is that they are going to be in line for one hell of a tax bill one day! :roll_eyes:

I’m more shocked in this case, as it is a forum (kind of) regular.

Their account also sells things which arguably anyone could. I may report them to CS as I really think the change in basic account details is a bit crazy. (They have a profile picture of a young man but gig videos showcasing an older woman)

Yeah, the travel situation is a bit weird. TBH I’ve let the fear of being banned put a sunder to several travel plans, I actually wish there were more transparent guidelines, espcially in the age of the digital nomad.


I saw this recently. Now if I can remember who it was. :thinking:

See, that’s why I wrote “volatile investment” to make you spill the cryptos :wink:

Forum regular is shocking, of course. Those should have the ToS running through their veins instead of blood, seeing how often they read and write about them.

I wonder how they still get orders with that kind of discrepancy. Maybe the seller had his mom make the videos.

Hey! Bitcoin is officially the best investment asset of 2019! - TBH though, I’m now taking a backseat. I started my own crypto blog, only to realize that whether Bitcoin goes up or not, cryptocurrency is the doom of man/woman kind. :frowning:

We will be going into a recession soon so that might push bitcoin values up. I used to live in a city where I could easily buy and sell gold coins from other countries, to hedge against downturns in our economy.

Don’t mind me, if anything, I’m cross with myself for not having bought btc while nobody yet did, I just wondered if you’d post about crypto if I wrote that :wink:
I"ve binge-watched Startup, any thread can profit from some Startup flair.

But that’s OT … or not! Perhaps the account was bought with crypto.

I bought 50 BTC in 2012. - And thew them in the bin when I upgraded my laptop and forgot about them.

Trust me you can be just as angry with yourself for buying Bitcoin in the early days as you can be for not buying it!

That means if your laptop would have suffered an untimely and unforeseen death with no chance of data recovery, or would have gotten stolen, you’d have lost them too? Or no, don’t reply, that will make my headache worse, I’ll go and count bitcoins jumping over a 2012- or new laptop-shaped fence now.

Selling accounts has been going on as long as I can remember. Strange to hear someone we know did it though.


A post you wrote for me (for a client, as part of a wider job) in an investment niche is still far and away the most viewed post (maybe 20 times as many views) and gets significant traffic even now, 12-18 months later. Regularly gets shared by those who read it too. Glad to hear you are doing your own blog for this type of thing.


No. There are easy ways to store crypto safely. I just didn’t know them at the time and was an idiot. I was lucky in that I re-bought in before the big boom of 2016 and 2017. However, even having some Bitcoin is like having the worst case of PTSD. Every day, you hate yourself for not selling or buying the day before.

I made a spelling mistake once and caused a full crypto market crash by helping to pump the wrong coin. - And I used to have clients in love with me because their posts were being retweeted by John McAfee.

All that said, the last time I worked with you, I was in a bad place. I had a whole year of crazy after me and my ex broke up. I’m not proud of it, but it happened.

My writing is of a higher caliber these days. if you ever want to take me for a literary test drive again, let me know and you can be part of the exclusive club that gets my 50% discount. :slight_smile:


My location was changing until I verified my identity. And even though I was travelling in a different county they just default it to the one that was in my ID.

I travel a lot. No, like A LOT. Almost every month in a new country but that doesn’t affect my account at all.


Well, even if it was real, it will not be long before the account is suspended.

Perhaps they were faking their gender and location before (thus lying to everyone for years!), and got someone else to make the videos for them? Hired someone on Fiverr, perhaps? :rofl:

If the account was sold and it wasn’t verified before, I wonder what happens when the verification process comes…

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I’d imagine that if it wasn’t verified before there won’t be a problem. Also, it seems like some people selling Fiverr accounts offer phone number verified accounts.



I wonder how much I could sell my account for? It would have to be a minimum of $50K to be worth my time. However, judging by the mek-sell linguistics used by people buying and selling, I’m inclined to think that accounts sell for a lot less than $1K never mind $50K.