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Are Sent Offers removed when buyer chooses a seller

Right now in Buyers Request it’s showing 7 Sent Offers. Do these get remove when the request has been accepted or canceled or what. Or do I have to manually remove them? Also is there a limit to the number of sent offers I can have in a period of time.

I don’t know what exactly happen. Some request stay long time some are removed quick.
I also want to know exact thing

I’m asking about “Sent Offers” not “Request”

Exactly, I have similar question. After sent offers, once you refresh the page, most of the time that offer goes out from list. Are these waiting for our offer and goes away or what? If sellers are selecting the buyer, than why exactly just after my offer sent, it happens?
Can some experienced mate will answer to this blog?

Hi there!

No - they stay there regardless of whether the buyer has accepted your offer or somebody else’s.

You can send 10 offers per day.