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Are singing lessons in demand?

I offer a gig service that offers singing lessons. Is this a useless gig or could this possibly make me a lot of revenue since there aren’t many people selling singing lessons on fiverr?

I don’t see how others could answer this unless you get tons of responses on the forum from people who want singing lessons. :wink: I think the best way to find out is to promote your gig as widely as you can. If you get messages or orders you will find ways to refine the gig. This is just my own opinion, though, perhaps others can give you an answer. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your advice!

I just glanced at your gig and there is something I can add - I think you would have a better chance if you used a strong video showing you teaching voice. Demo material would help too. I think people would want to see if you can sing and what your teaching methods are like before they would pay for a gig.

Thank you for the advice but in the gig gallery section it does not allow me to add an audio file. Any help with this?

I’m a little confused as to the operation of your gig.
It’s not a bad idea, per say, it’s just a little difficult to monitor the success rate.
Anyways, I don’t understand your methodology. Are you offering online sessions? Pre-packaged videos?

Alternatively, how can you control the success? What if the buyer is tone deaf? Does this leave you subject to a bad review? It’s a VERY gray area.

Still, I wouldn’t doubt that there are many external places to market this concept… it just needs to be fleshed out in terms of what you are offering, what you consider to be a “completed” job and what results you’re willing to validate.

You can add a gig video (with audio) to any gig, you’ll see it in the setup area. Ideally you should show yourself actually teaching singing, but at the very least you can display some other visuals and have the audio playing.

‣My services will include lessons on Vowel placement, Breath support, Warm-Up’s, Posture, and Identifying vocal range. Each lesson will be taught differently depending on the individual’s needs and difficulties. If the buyer is more of a visual learner I may send the buyer worksheets and communicate with them on how to complete them and understand the topic. If the buyer is more of an auditory learner I will send voice warm-ups, clips, and voiced explanations on topics instead.

‣In my experiences not many people who think they are tone deaf are ACTUALLY tone deaf. Most individuals just need 1 to 1 coaching on their difficulties to improve their abilities to hit correct pitches and rhythm patterns.

‣ I consider a “completed job” to be a complete understanding and ability to apply the concepts that have been taught.

I thought of including audio with some visuals but I’m definitely not anywhere near adequate at editing things like that. It is also very hard to show a video of me actually teaching singing when the service is geared to be taught differently depending on the individuals needs and difficulties. Any ideas?

Since it’s only intended to be an example, it’s still beneficial to show yourself teaching someone (or the camera) a singing lesson. The buyer otherwise has no clue if you are even able to do what you offer. You can explain your gig description that the video is just an example and that real lessons will be custom. You’ve got tons of space in the gig description that is currently un-used.

As far as audio editing, you can do something pretty simple with a program like PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker and get audio that is suitable enough for just a simple example. It’s better than nothing. You might have to learn more about audio just to make the gig better as you go, but that could come over time. If you do well with some starter gigs and it proves worthwhile, you could hire an audio expert to help you with a new gig video later.

That still doesn’t answer my question. How do you plan to direct your consumers in those areas? Through video? Through written guides?

You have to have a more driven formula to ensure success.

This is absolutely correct. Without audio representing your ability, there is no possible way to verify your claims. You have to outline your teaching methods, factually verify your abilities and lay out a criteria to simplify your strategies.

Have one offer for beginners, one for intermediate and one for advanced techniques. This will streamline your services.

I don’t think this gig is ready for publishing.


Take a look at some of these gigs where language is being taught:✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=teach+language

Some of these might give you ideas, at least.

Yes, I think the gig title needs to be something much more specific, like “I will teach you to sing via Skype”.

You could also shoot a little video introduction on your phone. Try to fasten the phone to something to stabilise it, point it towards where you’re going to stand and shoot a little 20 or 30 second intro, including maybe the odd warm-up scale to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. Keep it informal and friendly. Then, just edit out the beginning and end of the video using a phone app so the viewer doesn’t see you walking to and from the phone.

I think the idea itself is brilliant, and could be really successful for you!

Thank you for the advice! I will definitely attempt to do this!

The skype idea seems good but remember to get permission from customer support for this. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the good luck! I’ll need some luck to get started. <3

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Just try it and don’t waste time asking people who can’t help you.
A gig is setup very fast. Just do it and find out if there is any demand.