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Are social ads helpful in gig ranking?

My name is Usman. I am a new seller on Fiverr And completed 17 order(nearly level one). I have sent about 2200 buyer request. My question is I want to advertise my service through Facebook and Instagram. Is that helps to rank my gig because I have not got any single order directly?
I am unaware of Fiverr ranking policy can anyone here to help me?


of course your can. You could use Facebook Ads to promote your Fiverr Gigs. However, make sure your gigs in line with Facebook ads terms of services

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do you know the Fiverr algo for ranking

there’s only one algorithm in fiverr i call it work hard. always make sure your customer 100% happy, deliver best quality work

learn new things improve your skills

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i have seen many sellers(new sellers with 5-10 reviews) on fiverr raking on the top of the page.How they ranked on top?
can you help me in this regard?

don’t think about those :smile: you won’t find one – they don’t exist
work hard

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Fiverr gives a chance to new sellers by promoting them on the first page for some while so that they don’t feel discouraged. And if those sellers succeed to have good progress over time, then they stay on the first page.

It’s not like every new seller gets a boost because the relevant keywords and tags also matter.

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hahaa you are right :stuck_out_tongue:

work hard buddy and use the service which fiverr allows