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Are source files a big deal or am I being scammed?

I have a question, I don’t understand how designing works. If you design say a logo, is it extra work to “create” the source file? One designer just gave them to me and the other is telling me they are an additional charge to “redo and recreate?”

Some people charge to give you the source file, they are like blue prints. They do this because with the source you can actually modify the whole logo by yourself.

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Well, that one is either a) pretty dumb for not properly saving their work or b) ripping you off by selling stuff they downloaded somewhere.

[details=I don’t do logos but here’s a Photoshop example]This is what you would get as a .jpg or .bmp or whatever:

And this is what you would get if I gave the source file, a .psd in this case:

… that you can open In Photoshop with all the bits and pieces I used in the creation still accessible[/details]

That said, being charged for the source files is quite normal. Personally, I’d charge a LOT for it.


I agree with the above posts… essentially the source file is like intellectual property. They are not only providing you the final product, but their skills and tools they used to create it.

It’s like you going to a restaurant and they have an amazing salad with THE BEST SALAD DRESSING EVER.

You can buy the salad at the restaurant and enjoy it as much as you want, but if you want their salad dressing’s secret recipe they will charge you for it or refuse to sell it to you at all!


I always charge for the source file.

Just like @leahemme stated, it’s the complete design that I will be providing you with that costs a lot of money.

Now for your other question:

Of course not - If they are a seasoned designer they would have created the artwork properly and they would have the source file already saved.

Some experienced designers never provide their clientele with the source files. They are hired to produce graphics. If they need an update they have to go through them. As simple as that!

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I charge for source - but instead of making it a paid extra, it’s apart of the larger package. Some still use extras though, which is no big deal. Charging for source file is normal.

Someone above mentioned the possibility that he didn’t make the logo himself. You may want to reverse image search to check.

thank you! I thought it didn’t sound right, the source file sounds like the “source”

It all depends what the details of the gig you purchased, if it says with the source file, then you have the right to get it and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t, you are only ripped off if what is promised in the gig is not delivered. For designs it is easy to check whether the final product is original or copied from somewhere else, just do a simple google image search and see what comes out.

Source files are good if you plan on changing the final copy later.
You would need the actual software to do that … or you should be prepared to send source files to another editor with the same software.

Its not scam not receive a source copy.
It is valuable and people charge extra for it.

It is possible to charge for a source file.

Oh, who knows? It’s a shame this thread hasn’t discussed this exhaustively. I guess it will remain a mystery, forever.

Regarding the “redo and recreate” issue: I don’t design logos, but when I’m working on motion graphic or video editing projects, it’s very common for me to have multiple comps in the same project or library. On complicated projects, my timelines are often a mess of trial and error tweaks that I wouldn’t want anyone else digging into.

If a seller was not planning to sell the source file, I can completely understand how they might be unprepared to send it. Also – “no” is a completely acceptable seller response to work requests that were not a part of the original quote.

Thank you all for the replies. A lot missed the question, it wasn’t about the charge. It was about having to create a source file. I didn’t have a problem with paying, the reason I had to pay gave me pause. If you want to charge me, charge me but the reason should make sense. It takes time to recreate a source file didn’t seem legit, it’s a source file, why is it being recreated?? For two days? Then all of a sudden you have internet issues??

Maybe the design you got from them are just a downloaded files from the internet, and that’s the reason they are taking a time to create source files. Otherwise, you know, a file can come out from nowhere without being created with a software. So if the final file is ready, it means, Source files are ready for it.

“A final file is ready but need some more time to create source files does not make any sense, seriously”

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you are being scammed.

Always ask for the source file + logo rendering.