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Are stopped milestones temporary and resumed after a while, or do you not get to work on those milestones?

I was doing a Milestone order consisting of 3 milestones. I completed the 1st milestone and my buyer stopped the 2nd and 3rd milestones. Is this temporary or does it mean I won’t get to work on those milestones ever? I’m Out of Office right now if that’s relevant.

Here’s what my order page looks like:


This is what the TOS says:

  • A milestone is marked as Complete after it is delivered by the Seller and then accepted by the Buyer. A milestone will be automatically marked as complete if no acceptance or request for modification were submitted within 8 days after marked as Delivered, however, in such case the Order will be stopped and all further milestones will be cancelled.
  • Once a milestone is delivered, Buyers may choose to either continue with the Order and pay for the next milestone, or to stop the Order. Please note that if you choose to stop the Order, the current delivered milestone will not be cancelled.

To me it sounds like once it’s stopped they can’t continue with the milestones.