Are Support taking too long to reply to you?


Just seen this posted by Customer Support on their ‘hot issues’ link posted on the 8th March:

"We are currently experiencing a high volume of service requests, resulting in longer than usual response time. Please be patient, and we will get to your request. All requests are answered by real people. We work 24/7."

I thought I’d post that in here as I know a lot of you (myself included) had delays getting responses from CS recently.


I am also experiencing this delay


That must be one giant load of requests! Maybe it’s time to hire on more Customer Support.


Who knows what’s going on there. Their “we’re hiring” page doesn’t suggest that they are hiring any support personnel - unless they have and are being trained up? We live in hope…


Could be just a massive bombardment of spam tickets they’re receiving. Could be hard spotting all the legit issues from that pile.