Are the 30 days active mandatory for level-1 seller? Or can you compensate with many sales


Dear reader,

I was wondering if any one knows if you really have to complete the 30 days of having an active account on Fiverr to read level-1 seller? Or if you can also reach it with passing the 10 sales.

The reason for this is that I would really like to use the extra gig function. Now i’m holding back on making as much sales as possible (at the moment 5 after my first 2 days), since I would really like to offer them with extra gigs.

Thank you in advance for reading and responding,

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Ah, that’s a shame. Especially since I created my account 2 days ago. Can you become a top seller within 30 days? Or is that a little bit too ambitious?


yes you need to have 30 days to get level one.

@blackfolder1, I think you meant you got level 1 after 8days you started selling gigs though you created your account 2-3 weeks ago already.


I made level 1 after 8 days.


I had way more than 10 sales in my first month with my voiceover gig and it still took me 30 days to get to level 1.