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Are the bulk email services really effective for leads/sales/adsense?

Are the bulk email services really effective for leads/sales/adsense here? If any have bought them from the sellers what have been your results for such a low price? They seem very low cost I don’t understand. Such as in promoting a digital product? No criticism, just curiosity about experience and no naming names.

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An email list made up of people that you have permission to contact, by them signing up on your website is extremely useful. An email list that you don’t have permission to contact is pretty much useless as all the emails you send will end up in the spam folder of the contacts. Of course, when something is so cheap you could always try it out but if you are using a bulk mail sending system it is possible that you will get flagged by their anti-spam system. This happens when a large percentage of the emails you send are not opened - when the contacts don’t know who you are then they are likely to not open it or else not see it as it is in their spam folder.

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It sounds like spamming a huge number of people who are unlikely to be interested in your product.

@eoinfinnegan What happens when someone gets flagged by the anti-spam system, and how much damage would it do to that person’s business?


It depends, different service providers have different ways of dealing with it. Some will insist that you use a separate system to everyone else as they don’t want your spam emails causing problems for them and their other users. This can cost significantly more (2-5 times) than the standard cost. Other systems will simply block you from using their service which is a big problem if you rely on email marketing for promotion.

On another level which I do not have evidence for but I have read about - As Google is a huge email address provider, they have access to a huge amount of info. It makes sense that they would use this info in any way that helps them. Some SEO people have mentioned that people who send out bulk emails that are flagged as spam can see their websites suffer if the email links to their site. If true, this could be detrimental to a website’s search results.

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yes but the gig sellers sell these services on Fiver, lazar targeted they say,

If I thought they would actually convert to digital sells or AdSense clicks I would make a long-term arrangement, why are so many offered and highly rated?

In not one, of the testimonials has anyone mentioned any results…yet a couple the lack of them.

The rest is repeated messages of good job, and the like.

I want viable traffic from the emails Real people that opened and clicked. Maybe people that opted in for certain types of sponsor offers?

Why pay hundreds of bucks if it dose nothing, or even 5? How are these people so highly rated here if there service does nothing?

Is it the fault of the buyers email design? Bad non-opt-in lists not from sponsors?

What About the traffic services?

This site comes highly reccomended to me from people I trust, I just dont get this at all.

In my opinion, that should tell you all you need to know!
The rating of sellers is a result of individuals giving the seller 5 stars. Many buyers will rate a service immediately after it is delivered. ie. if a seller delivers a file with 50,000 email addresses as agreed, then the buyer sees it and rates 5 stars before they have even used them! Some sellers even encourage them to do this, the most effective method is for a seller to be super friendly and nice - who isn’t going to give 5 stars to someone they like?
The same is true of some traffic services.

In the end, the situation with these kind of sellers is the same as every other category on Fiverr or anywhere else. Some offer great services, others offer mediocre services, some poor services and some are probably scammers or simply do not know what they are doing.
For this reason it makes sense to try out a small order first. Find someone you like the look of by their reviews, profile, gig description etc and then place an order. When you get the service delivered, check out the emails you get, send out some individual test emails and see what the result is. If it is good then you could try a bulk email sender, if not then you know it doesn’t work. Same with traffic, order low and then see what the results are.

You need to be aware that a bad email design should still get SOME results out of a genuine list of say, 50,000 opt-in email addresses. Laser targeting or other such claims are so vague that they really have no value IMO. Some sellers will claim to be able to target specifically at, let’s say, dog owners. Think about it, how long would it take to build up such a volume of email addresses. If it was easy then everyone would do it themselves, if it was genuine, why would they sell it so cheaply or at all, when instead they could send affiliate laden emails themselves? The reason why you want to buy emails is because it will take so long for you to do it yourself, right? Years probably. How many sellers do you think have been doing this for years? Alternatively, they are buying the lists from the same “wholesaler”, meaning that these poor email address owners get tons of spammy emails all the time!

An interesting thing someone wrote once was a blog about email lists. It was ages back. They said that over the course of a few weeks, they had contacted a list seller (not on Fiverr) and each time they asked for a specific target market. The provider NEVER said he could not provide what was asked for and never had an issue with the size requested! The blogger reckoned that the list seller would need a couple of hundred million email addresses to actually have what they needed. Is that likely?

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Can you recommend any legitament traffic services on fiver, that drive traffic, I know for a fact people are benefiting from this site, you too are a member you must have a reason for this?

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Fiverr is an excellent platform with a lot of excellent services that you will not find cheaper anywhere else. That is a fact and people are benefiting from it, myself included as both a seller where I earn money and as a buyer where I save 40-60% on many of the services I need while maintaining or even improving the quality I get elsewhere.
I don’t recommend any sellers for services I have not bought myself however I do recommend you read this post about different kinds of traffic that are available. The author is a traffic seller and it gives a great insight into what to look for and what to ask about when looking for traffic. Many of the points could also be applied to email list buying.

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Sending spam is illegal. Internet service companies can and will shut down your service for this.

No, not at all. Don’t waste your time or your money. Get more traffic by selecting appropriate keywords, having a thorough description in your gig, and promoting your material off-site.