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Are the Courses Offered by Fiverr are helpful for Gig ranking?


I’m new in the forum. I wan’t to purchase learning courses from fiverr relevant to my services . If I could pass that courses will it be helpful enough for my gig ranking. Will it attract buyer more about my services? How does it helps ?
I want to know much information about it.
Thanks In advance.


In my case, I haven´t noticed any improvement in my ranking. I´ve done 3 courses.


I wanna give it a try. Let’s see the outcome


The courses I´ve taken are really good, it´s worth it.


The courses are very helpful. I think it’s not about increasing one’s gig ranking but equiping one well enough for optimum service delivery


Hello, I actually did find help with Learn from Fiverr when it comes to ranking. I think it does improve your ranking and it does help with your profile’s overall professional image. Cheers!


Yes, it is helpful for learning and also your presence of professionalism will be increased. :blush: I’m new seller here (Instagram Marketing Manager) and my information’s can be wrong. I will be glad if you consider, Just tried to share my opinions.