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Are the Fiverr Invoice emails real or a scam?

I have been selling on Fiverr for 4 years and have never received an email from Fiverr with an invoice as a PDF attachment.

The email says “Thank you for your purchase at Fiverr. Attached is your invoice.”.

Either this is a phish scam or everyone is now receiving them, but I do not want to find out the hard way and end up with a computer virus.

Please advise…

@hotwebideas and @ryan999: It’s legit - if you’ve entered your billing info, you’ll be sent invoices.

Very cool. Thanks everyone!

Fiverr only gives buyers formal invoices upon request. Probably a phishing attempt.

Update: According to the comment of a Fiverr admin, the invoices are legit. You’ll be sent an invoice on a monthly basis if you enter your billing information. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Sounds like a scam to me, too :frowning: . I’d report them to Fiverr immediately, and if you clicked any link or opened the file, I’d make sure to change your password as well (in addition to running a complete virus scan on your computer).

Fiverr will never contact you directly outside of Fiverr by email (other than the auto notifications). This sounds very fishy, and I would send a screenshot of the email to Customer Service and ask them about it directly. In the meantime, don’t open that attachment!

I got this email to and it is not scam, there is no any links or something only auto email with invoice of my last order made on fiverr, it has date and order number as my last order on fiverr, and no one would know that except me, fiverr, and seller where I bought that gig ?

(seller is my neighbor)

Email even says: Do not respond on this email.

I can add screenshot so you all can see, but not sure is that good idea ?

Reply to @webchief: Yes. please upload an attachment.



Reply to @hotwebideas:

Here it is The “red” part is my name and address and part of ordername

Yes I got the same thing yesterday as well and contacted them because I was even saying to myself I didnt buy any thing on there website in Israel, its the samething I got too.

I got the same invoice mail. I wonder why I got the invoice after a month’s time of my purchase. Is there any update by the Fiverr team regarding this??

Reply to @globalva: Ok… Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Yes a customer rep told me the same thing that it will take a month after the purchase for the invoice to be sent.

The invoices are incomplete. They Tell you they will send them to you but you never receive them. You get 3 out of 20. How can you do business??

Invoice are sent by fiverr if you filled a billing info.

Ya i got same invoice written Israel office !

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I’ve gotten 3 different invoice emails in the last 24 hours. I did make one purchase yesterday, but 3 invoices for it makes no sense. I can’t find a contact email for Fivver customer service anywhere. Can anyone tell me what that email address is so I can figure this out? Thanks!

Are they sending these invoices because they are still expecting payment? I purchased a gig two months ago and only just received an invoice this morning. I’m looking at my Paypal in another tab and I can see that the money was already deducted a long time ago.

I got the same invoice mail days ago. I wonder why I got the invoice after a month’s time of my purchase.And after that when I open this mail on my mobile phone, my fiverr apps stopped. I can not able to open Fiverr on my mobile.

Its really embarrassing moment . I uninstall and install the new version , but same problem .
Without mobile Apps, I am helpless,