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Are the online courses really helpful to gain more exposure?

Hey, I’m Nastja from Germany and I have been here for 3 months now as a seller doing photoshop editing. I’ve had a few orders, but I would like to increase my impressions.

I have found online courses on Fiverr, that are supposed to increase the impressions. Does anyone have experience with that and can tell me if it really works?

Of course I wouldn’t complete the courses just to gain impressions and maybe even orders, I would love to learn more about editing etc.

Looking forward to your answers,
Nastja :blush: :sunny:


If you type “are fiverr courses helpful” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


Okay, thank you @lloydsolutions


I think you can increase your gig impression after complete a course. because there has a better suggestion on how to increase your gig impression.

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