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Are the price still showing up next to the reviews?


Does anyone know if the price, of what a buyer paid, is still showing up next to the reviews?

I am getting ready to buy some gigs and do not want anyone, other than the sellers I’m working with, to know what I paid.


Hmm, I’m not seeing the prices. I used to tho, maybe somebody else can confirm.


I have checked several gigs and reviews, I don’t see the price. You can take a look on some reviews as well.


That’s one of the reason why this feature is not good for both sellers and buyers.

I never seen review prices for 2 months. I just see “average price” these days.


I have never seen the prices on anyone’s gigs nor average prices.

I suppose I could always not review, that would eliminate the price privacy.

If I don’t review then the gig won’t complete and sellers have to wait 3 additional days to get paid.

Sigh :weary:


I feel this feature should probably have an “opt-in” setting on the buyer’s side. Some buyers prefer privacy.


Where does it show average price?


I don’t see them but then I never did. I can understand why a buyer wouldn’t want to advertise what they paid.

As far as I know it’s gone, aside from the range of prices shown when a seller has their previous deliveries visible.


Same here. My buyers are all over the place too. As a seller I have raised my prices several times but I have a few clients who STILL work with me (after 3 years) and I still charge them my original because it is still constant and reliable income. I don’t want to have to explain and negotiate with new clients, especially when I work 99% via custom orders too.

I never saw the prices being listed. I don’t understand why that would be a good idea.


yes you can see order price search logo in fiverr search and visit several sellers profile you will find price in that


Let’s say your gig is 10$ however,

One buyer has ordered 20$ with extras,
Another buyer has ordered 10$,
Another buyer has ordered 30$ with extras

30$+10$+30$ = 70$
70$ : 3 = 23.3$

It shows “average 23$” in your gig.


Can you post a screenshot?


I don’t see them anymore. I hope they have disappeared forever!


Mademoiselle you made my day! Merci beaucoup. :heart:


If you mean the average, I can see them, and PM you a screenshot of yours if you´d like, if you mean the exact price, I´ve never seen that.


Oh S*&#! Can you send me a screenshot of mine? All I see is “starting at”.


Yes, screenshot coming…


It will show something like this…


Sure :slight_smile:


This is your profile.


How long has it been like this?