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Are the Rankings Messed Up? 4 Reasons it Could be You! - UPYOUR

Why gigs with ZERO reviews are ranking better than gigs with 7k+? Please just explain me this.


If you are looking for someone with all the answers then I am not the right person.
However, the points I made in the OP could actually apply to each of the questions you have made there.

A gig with 7k reviews has obviously been around a long time. If the gig has not been updated to comply with the new Digital Marketing Category Update then it will sink in rankings as was warned about in a pop-up that was sent out weeks ago. The new gig will have been created more recently and so it complies with the Update.
That is my opinion as to why.

It should also be noted that Fiverr seems to favor gigs with packages so again, a $5 gig with lots of reviews but without packages may be ranked below those with a higher base price and packages.


I love your, uh… UPYOUR’s? LoL

I’m a big nerd for understanding the mechanics of how a thing operates, so these posts are really interesting to me. Keep 'em coming!


I’ve seen gigs with 10k reviews updated and ranking in page 10, 12 now. Obviously there is something wrong with search. You can see by the fact that relevance and average customer review filters are now showing exact same results, which never happened before.

Not sure if you’ve already covered this, but @eoinfinnegan - have you talked about the SEO optimization line on the gig creation / editing page? That’s something I noticed a few months ago and while I’m not sure I understand how it works, it’s something that I’ve done and I don’t think it’s an accident that my Fiverr gig is now #2 in Google search results for my keywords.


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback - I felt I needed a memorable tag and UPYOUR seems to work :slight_smile:

Regarding your great search results, I must confess I did some “checking you out” but it is a bit OT:

[details=Summary]Ok, so when I saw your gig ranking number 2 in Google it got me a bit excited.
You see, because of the fact that all Fiverr gigs (and there are lots of each type) offer services that are widely available on specialized sites dealing only with each individual category/service, gigs very rarely show up high in search. The competition is simply too huge for any one gig to stand out or be important enough.
IMO, Google has begun to value user experience (UX) above ALL other things. From what they say and do, it is becoming clear this is the case as well as the fact that it makes sense. Big Data is hugely useful and data doesn’t come any bigger than what Google has. For this reason, I believe the following is what has happened to get your gig to number 2:
First: You created a regularly updated, knowledgeable G+ account with regular posts on the subject. It attracted good traffic because it is quite niche and useful - users like it and so it most likely showed up when people searched for this topic in G+. This “Positive UX” will have told Google that you know what you are doing.
Second: Your posts all link to your Fiverr account/gigs. People follow those links to your gig and purchase from you. As you (I believe) are good at what you do, those people did not go back and start looking for someone else.

All this combined will tell Google that "People search, find your G+, go to your gig and then don’t search again.
This tells Google that those who are looking for your keyword will ultimately be satisfied by going to your Fiverr gig.
Therefore, it makes sure that your Fiverr gig is high in rankings so people can just go directly to it! This is Google’s vision - to take people from search to the most useful pages where their needs are satisfied. That’s what you do,
that’s why you rank number 2!
Note the lack of cheap links, spamming forums, keyword stuffing etc. Content is king because it attracts users![/details]


[details=OT on the OT][quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:10, topic:133167”]
Ok, so when I saw your gig ranking number 2 in Google it got me a bit excited.

Just wanted to add, since I´d read that post and found it interesting I did that search too, with your English search terms, and James ranked #6 with his gig on my German Google.[/details]


Hey @eoinfinnegan i’ve searched your gig using keywords “translate” and “rewrite” and couldn’t find. You seem to be a superb seller to me. How can I find you if wasn’t by fiverr search? For both keywords gigs with 1 reviews are ranking better than yours. This is the reason I keep telling, that something should be done to improve the search.

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Is private feedback something we need to turn on? And if so - how - or where is it?
Thank you!

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Private feedback is an option that buyers have either after completing an order or after a cancellation.
Sellers do not get to see it.

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I really hope that the private feedback, if left by a buyer, would be taken into account while also considering the reason of the cancellation.

I had about 13 cancellations this month either as a result of buyers not reading the gig’s description and ordering requesting a variety of things entirely unrelated to my gig, or buyers ordering more than 2-3 gigs at once, all with extra fast deliveries impossible to be completed in time.

I don’t know what is going on, but I used to have a maximum of 2 cancellations every month, now I am even scared to read the requirements on new orders.


Exactly how I am feeling these days also. Haven’t had a single cancellation in my first 6 months or so, nowadays when I see the notification on my phone saying “You have a new order and instructions from xy. Get started.” I am literally shaking, as people don’t seem to read the description at all and I have to cancel a lot of nonsense orders. I am offering nothing but shoutouts on Instagram, yet a few days back I have got an order from a buyer who was asking for help with setting up his e-commerce website… Might be related to the issues with the search engine?


Brilliant points @eoinfinnegan


I’d like to note that within Fiverr, my best selling gig appears on the first website with highly competitive keywords.

Search term: wix website - Although I’m not the first result consider that there are over 500 listings.[/details]

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The only problem I have is that I think it also reflects negatively on the 'un-clicked" results, not just positively on the clicked ones.

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Thanks for this powerful information. really informative and exciting

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Hello @eoinfinnegan. Nice to meet you. Although currently, I am looking for ways to get my first order at fiverr :laughing:I still found it quite useful. Especially the info that a lot of traffic comes from G+. Wow


Awesome tips for me. Hoping to implemente these from now on.


G+ Is available right now?

Thanks, really very informative things you discussed.:+1:

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