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Are there any Americans on Fiverr?


I really like Fiverr but am puzzled as to why there are 1 in a million Americans on here. I need someone that understands our culture and language better to work on my projects. I just don’t get it and why can’t I filter for that?


There are lots of americans on fiverr… but I’m not one of them : )
I think how someone has written out their gig description and responds to messages can give you a better idea of their grasp of ‘american’ idioms, culture, language etc.
then you might feel better about ordering from them for your american-specific project.
however the beauty of freelancers is that you can live anywhere in the world, so often folks are living wherever the hell they want… so the location on their profile won’t tell you much either.


I mean, I’m an American, but I guess there aren’t that many because the wages are too low compared to what foreigners can get when you look at the average salaries in their countries and factor in the exchange rate. If it’s essential that you work with Americans, maybe you should look to more premium freelancing sites and interact with people to see how they speak, like Leah says.


You can make better money working as a low tier waitress in a diner than here in the US (in the beginning anyway). The end. It would be wacist to filter for that.


I am an American living in Denver, Colorado with a pretty good understanding or western US culture and values. I live and breath it every day.


What people are missing is what is their real requirement. It’s not that the seller needs to be American, it’s not that the seller currently live in America, it’s not that the seller is American but lives somewhere else. That goes for any other assumptions based on ethnicity or location, not just America.

The real requirements are that if you have complex requirements you need someone who speaks your language, in this case English with US slang.

I don’t know what aspect of culture is important but unless it’s specific to a particular city or state (New Orleans has a different culture than New York for example) then that’s probably not your real requirement. Maybe you want someone who is used to working in a professional capacity, signing NDAs, committing to a contract etc. Maybe you’re after someone with experience working in McDonalds. Well, both those are available from non-Americans. You might meet an American seller whose first language isn’t English and they’re not fluent in business English. Do they meet your requirement because they’re American?

I think it’s much easier to find the right seller if you think about what’s really important because those things can be discovered through communication.


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Americans are buyers more than sellers possibly. Most of my buyers are Americans, about 3 out of 4.
Americans are the largest group of users of fiverr, according to statistics I’ve seen.


I guess some of it is also being nervous about giving out a password or some types of financial info to work on a website setting up ecommerce for example. If it is someone in my country then I have some type of recourse even possible if something unethical takes place, but if it happens with someone in another country it is a total loss of whatever it is. Just my thoughts as I am kind of new to this environment.


One thing you could do, as you research potential sellers, is to pick your top sellers (based on the gigs that seem like a good fit for your project), send them a message (before ordering), and ask them. You can tell a great deal about a seller by how they respond to you, how strong their English skills are, and, in many cases, how knowledgeable they are in answering the questions you ask them. :slight_smile:


Lots of Americans on Fiver AND I am Blessed to have a mix from everywhere. My international clients are the best. :blush:


I get a feeling that I’m not fully appreciated here. Sniff. See you lot tomorrow, got work to do.


No, writer, we all appreciate you. It’s just you say dumb stuff sometimes and it’s hard not to poke… Have fun at work!


If that’s what worries you, perhaps it would be better to hire someone locally (someone you can meet in person and someone who will sign a contract).


My significant portion of orders i have completed are from Us and almost 70% of my buyers are americans. And as misscrystal said, americans use fiverr a lot but mostly as buyers.


I’m from Texas living in Brazil…also lived in NY, Paris and Munich…

I really don’t understand your question. Here in Brazil most of people knows a lot about our history and culture.


I am an American. Born in Kansas, has lived in Illinois and Texas, currently living and working in Kansas.