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Are there any full-time Fiverr users?


Are any of you making a living ($40k/£25k) by getting work through Fiverr? Just joined this site recently to create cool vector graphics/icons for some money on the side and wanted to know what the possibility is of making a career out of gigs?


I’ll rephrase. Are any of you making a lot of income by working through Fiverr?*


Well,I make a lot of money now by Indian standards, but I had more respect when I was making $300/month as an ERP consultant at IBM…I make that kind of money in 3-4 days on Fiverr…but back then I was considered a respectable member of the great Indian society, now I am not…LOL…


Fiverr isn’t a way to simply get rich quick. You are only guaranteed as much success as you try to achieve, coupled with how competent you are at actually selling, presenting yourself and doing high-quality work.

To put it simply, no, this “I am going to work full time on Fiverr starting from nothing and make $25k,” won’t work here or anywhere.

You can build up to earning figures like that freelancing on Fiverr. However, you would need to have a steady separate income whilst trying to develop yourself on the platform.

In fact, your question is a bit like asking, “If I train to become a stock broker, will I make 50k in my first year on the trading floor?”

Your success or not is completely down to how you decide to try and make it happen.


Many are making $40,000 on fiverr and even more per year. Most take a couple of years to build up to that and see it as a part time job at first. There are some who are so talented they begin making that much in the first year but it is not typical.


I’m part-time. But I’m getting close to full-time. I have to get my ducks in a row and I’ll be ready to make the jump to full-time shortly - if it keeps going like it has been.