Are there any sellers currently offering this type of gig?


Hello all,

I’m currently working on a blog post that discusses the difference between www and non-www versions of a domain, 301 redirects and canonicalization and in the post I offer the suggestion of hiring a professional to set up 301 redirects (if the reader isn’t familiar with how to do so on their own). Since the whole point of the blog is drumming up conversation about my gig here on Fiverr, I figure why not suggest a few other sellers? Just wondering if any sellers offer a gig like this? I did a search, but the results look to be all over the place and not really related…

If anyone is offering a gig like this let me know. I’d be happy to add your link in the blog post. I’ll probably be adding about 3 to 4 of them in order not to overwhelm any readers.


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That’s nice of you. Its funny that you brung up this issue, because I have a website that loads extremely slow when I don’t type in the “www” part, but loads fairly fast when I add it. I need to figure this out. Let me know when your blog post is done. I would like to read it. :slight_smile:


Well this 301-redirect is not currently on any fiverr GIG.

Why not you just start this GIG by your own? Its 30 second work to setup for every website using htaccess file :stuck_out_tongue:


@vedmak, the gig would be setting up & verifying 301 redirects for the most common versions of a domain. Did I search but didn’t see anything like this, which actually surprises me.

@bitbyteworld, I’ve been thinking about it. Only thing is, there is a LOT that can go wrong when you edit the .htaccess file of a site. In the past I’ve hired someone to enable Ioncube on a few of my Wordpress sites and ended up being hacked. Not sure if the seller was the one who did the hacking, or if they just changed something that left a “back door” open. I just know that every other week after hiring that seller, my site would go down and when I’d talk with my hosting, it was due to the .htaccess file being edited on a day when it shouldn’t have been (no where near the date that I hired the seller). I don’t really want to go through the potential of people saying I’ve screwed up or hacked their sites. I can see a huge potential for people wanting cancellations or coming back and leaving negative feedback whether I caused the problem or not (because I would have been the last one to touch anything). It’s not really my thing, which is why I would have been more than happy to pass the promotion on to a few other sellers.

Not to mention, since it’s not already on here I have no way to judge how much of a market their is for such a service. Not a huge problem, but makes me think that no one outside of myself is even looking for such a service. Still, it’s worth considering…

@musiclover, that is strange. Unless your non-www version contains different content or scripts from your www version, I don’t see why it would be that much slower. I guess caching could be the issue. Do you know if you have 301 redirects set up already? An easy way to tell is to type your domain in with the www, then see what it resolves to in the browser once the page is fully loaded. Then type it in without the www and see what it resolves to. If they each stay the same instead of forwarding to one or the other, then you don’t have a 301 redirect set up and that could be some of the problem. Also, do you use anything to help with caching? Once you get the 301 redirect figured out, it might be worth it to use a service (or plugin if you’re using something like Wordpress) to set up caching so you can decrease your site’s load time.

Since I don’t think I’m allowed to post the link to my blog I’m not sure how I can let you know once the post is completed. Might be that I have to wait until it’s indexed and then you can run a Google search to find it.


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Reply to @vedmak: Yeah, I know it’s a quick thing but you’d be surprised how scared people are to edit files on their sites. Considering all the ways I’ve seen things go wrong, even with simple instructions, I can kind of understand.

I feel kinda lame for not wanting to offer it as a gig myself, but oh well…


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Reply to @guruofbacklinks: I use wordpress for all my sites and this is the only site that does this, so I’m completely stomped. I use a caching plugin. it wouldn’t make sense for a plugin or theme to be the problem right? Because it loads fast with the www, just takes forever for without it.


Reply to @musiclover: Without knowing your domain I can’t run any tests, so I’m not sure. I wouldn’t think that the theme or any plugins would be the cause of the issue from experience. No, I want to say that your issue is more related (somehow) to the 301 redirects that either exist or don’t exist for your domain.

Do this: there’s a tool that I use to test whether a client’s site has proper redirects in place. It’s called Redirect Check Tool (when I do a google search it comes up #3 in the list, the site is ragepank). Enter your domain in that tool with the www and let it run. If everything checks out ok it’s probably just some kind of fluke that the non-www version of your site is loading slowly. However, if anything other than 301 redirects come up, then you don’t have all of the proper redirects in place and this could be the problem. If that’s the case, then there are WP plugins you can search for that can fix it.

Also, what version of WP are you currently on?

@vedmak I complete agree. I don’t mind the idea of making gigs out of simple, cut and dry tasks. However, anything that deals with creativity or interpretation (where opinions in delivery can very widely between seller and buyer) I’m trying to stay away from. I know what I consider to be much more complex (for my own skill set and schedule), so I just won’t offer those.