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Are there any "slow periods" on fiverr?


I am a voice over artist, still trying to establish myself here on Fiverr.
Some days I get tonns of relevant requests and buyers contacting me, while on other days/weeks, not that much traffic.

So I was wondering if there are any patterns around slowers days/weeks in the whole cycle or is it just me?
Because if it is just me, then I definitely need to take steps to avoid this happening but if it is an expected pattern then I can be better prepared and plan accordingly.



There can be slow periods (sales come and go), but it also depends on what you offer.

For example, holiday time can be slow for most, because people are spending time with their families (and spending money on gifts). However, if you offer something that would make a nice gift, it can be a busy time for you. Or, you could get contacted by those who are using free time for a personal project or to start their business, if you offer a service that can help them.


This can be expected of any business in general, not just Fiverr. I also don’t think there is any “expected pattern” other than when it’s holiday season. Also, since Fiverr has people purchasing from all over the world (different religions/cultures), you cannot even predict when it’s holiday season for your buyer as it is possible that when you do not have any holidays (religious/cultural or otherwise) coming up in your part of the world, your buyer, on the other hand, might be in the middle of a big holiday.

These slow periods can occur at any time. So I don’t think there’s any way to “prepare and plan accordingly” other than to have a contingency plan and be ready for it to happen at any time.


I can not say for certain if it is a pattern but I know clearly well you are not the only seller to experience such. On my Fiverr app, my stats could be high and pointing upwards this week and some other weeks they are red and pointing downwards. Traffic, sales, messages they all can come in a rush and can also trickle in. It is what the freelancing business is made of.


Thank you for the responses guys.
It’s good to know that it is natural to have peak and slow periods and that I am not alone :blush:
Need to get used-to freelancing :blush::+1:

Hello! I ebb and flow here, too. It’s pretty normal. I think it partly happens because the algorithm is set to circulate sellers through the ranking. When you’re having a slow period you might just not be ranking well for whatever is popular in sales.

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I totally agree with this

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I’m usually busy from August through April, then there’s a Summer slowdown. Unfortunately JUNE is my worst month.


Makes complete sense. Some weeks it’s like the algorithm is favouring me while there are times when it seems to have something against me :grinning:

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Yes, Exactly… true answer…