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Are there any tips to improve my gig

So I have only just joined Fiverr a day ago and i’m wondering what I should change on my gig to make it look more professional and will my gig get more orders.

This is the link to my gig:
Anything will help:)



Your profile says you have a total of 7-minutes of reading time here on the Fiverr Forum.

I suggest you start reading some more of the excellent information posted by Fiverr, including the Terms of Service and you should be able to find the answer to your question.

Do some research.

It’s all here.


You misspelled “similar” and said two times in a row “editing” and “you” in your gig description.

Your gig looks good. If you really want upgrade it you can extend your gig video, I would also replace the tags so they all contain 2 words or more, naturally add the existing ones into your gig description and maybe provide a list of videogames on it if you have free space.

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Could I ask how to extend my video as I have reached the maximum file size (50mb). Also what do you mean replace the tags so they contain 2 words or more.

keywords are the main part of your ranking, unique words or difficult words do not give you ranking, buyer will place or write relevant words that are actually match to your services, you can do keywords research by your own search bar just to write a few words according to your services and platform will show you relevant results, in addition, choose social media platform, fiver communities, read “tips for sellers” page and stay active or connected with communities. best of luck :+1:


If it already has max size then you can’t. You can add tags that contain 2 words or more: video editing instead of editing for example.